CeCe Winans Brings the Gospel to Kelly Clarkson

Photo from CeCe Winans’ Instagram

CeCe Winans Brings the Gospel to Kelly Clarkson

By Movieguide® Contributor

Gospel singer CeCe Winans explained why she is so thankful she gets to perform and bring hope and life to millions of fans.

“It’s a gift and it’s a blessing. And to be able to use what God has given you and to share good news and to bring life. Because music is so powerful, it’s very healing. So it’s an honor. It’s a privilege,” Winans told Kelly Clarkson.

To help capture the power of music, Winans’ most recent album – “More Than This” – which she released in April was recorded in front of an audience. While it is less polished than a studio album, she believes it captures the music better because it incorporates the energy of the audience.

“There’s nothing like the audience — the energy of a live record with the audience, it’s just the best,” Winans said. “And how a song can change. It sounds funny. It could be the same song that you’re doing in the studio, but you do it live — totally different.”

“And even it depends on the audience,” she continued. “Like, one audience can really, like, they needed this message, they needed to feel this, they needed to sing this with you. You’re doing the same show, but it can all flow differently. And when they’re singing along with you and they’re ready to celebrate, you get this energy and it’s just like, you’re there to be a blessing to them, but you always leave fired up.”

By including this powerful aspect of music into the album, Winans hopes to create a place of worship, more than just an hour-long list of songs. This has been her focus in the past as well and has been part of the reason her music continues to impact so many people.

“We got the chance to create a worship service more than a record, a time of worship that would tie the old with the new,” Winans told Billboard about her newest album. “I know a lot of people don’t listen to whole albums nowadays, but I like to create a piece of work that you can listen to from the beginning to the end, and you connect that thread all the way through.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Winans:

Gospel star CeCe Winans is sharing the moment that taught her “the power of praise.”

“When my second eldest brother passed—Ronald passed—we were all around the bed in the hospital room,” she said while appearing on TBN’s PRAISE. “And when Ronald took his last breath, my father’s hands went up, and he just began to worship God.”

Winans continued, “His first words were like, ‘Lord, I thank you for the years you gave us Ronald.’ And I looked at him like, ‘That’s your first response?’ But seeing how God carried my parents through that, losing a child…he understood the power of praise.”

She explained that now, when she’s going through “a rough time, a challenging time, I know even if I’m crying, I cry with my hands lifted up. It gives me the strength because worship always puts your focus on the greatness of God.”

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