Christian Americans Want Biblical Accuracy in Movies and TV


** Most Americans Are Bible-Friendly or Bible-Engaged

A majority of Americans, 56%, are either “Bible-friendly” or “Bible-engaged,” according to a poll conducted by the Barna Group for the American Bible Society, while only 19% are “Bible skeptics.”

Bible engaged are those who:

  1. Believe the Bible is the actual or inspired Word of God with no factual errors, or believe the Bible is the inspired word of God with some factual errors; and,
  2. Read the Bible daily or at least four times per week.

Bible skeptics are those who:

  1. Selected the most negative or non-sacred view of the Bible from five options, saying they believe the Bible is just another book of teachings written by men, containing stories and advice.

Bible friendly are those who:

  1. Believe the Bible is the actual or inspired Word of God with no factual errors; and
  2. Read it fewer than four times per week.

– Sources:  Religious News Service, 04/09/14.


** Good News:  U.S. Teenagers Are More Religious Than Adults

Recent Harris Polls of U.S. teenagers and adults age 18 and older reveal that the teenagers are more religious than their adult counterparts.

Thus, belief in God, Heaven, Hell, Jesus, Satan, miracles, angels, and the Resurrection are all higher among teenagers than among adults. Also, teenagers are less likely to believe in godless evolution.


** Religious Beliefs, U.S. Teenagers versus U.S. Adults


Belief U.S. Teenagers U.S. Adults
God 80% 72%
Absolutely certain God exists 69% 68%
Heaven 78% 68%
Hell 64% 58%
Jesus is God or the Son of God 74% 68%
Jesus rose from the dead 70% 65%
Satan is real 65% 58%
Miracles are real 76% 72%
Angels are real 74% 68%
Evolution is true 43% 47%


Clearly, since teenagers are more likely to be frequent moviegoers than adults, MOVIEGUIDE®’s efforts to redeem the values of the mass media with faith and biblical principles are having some positive effect, especially in the wake of recent reductions in the teenage pregnancy and teenage crime rates.

– Sources:  Harris Poll, 03/13/14.


** Church Attendance and Movies

– Sources:  Gallup, 12/24/14; Variety; Deadline Hollywood; Box Office Mojo.

About 41% of Americans say they attend church at least once a week or almost every week, according to a Gallup Poll in December 2014, with another 12% saying they go about once a month.

If extrapolated to include children, the number of Americans attending regular church services almost every week or more is 131.24 million, while the number of Americans going to church about once a month adds up to another 38.4 million people.

This compares to only 24.21 million people, including children and adults, who went to the movies in a typical week in 2014 in both the United States and Canada, according to ticket sales information culled from Box Office Mojo, Variety, deadline Hollywood, and other sources.

* Church Attendance vs. Movies

Weekly Activity Number of People per Week
Adults and children going to church 131.24 million
Adults and children going to movies  24.21 million



** Christian Americans Want Biblical Accuracy in Movies and TV

By significant majorities, Christian Americans say they want biblical and historical accuracy in movies and television programs (especially movies based on Bible characters like the recent NOAH and EXODUS:  GODS AND KINGS) and want to see a historical movie about the rise of Christianity.

Three-quarters of Americans, 74%, say they’re Protestant or Catholic.

Belief Percent of Christian Americans
Biblical and historical accuracy is important 79%
Interested in seeing a historical movie about the Bible 66%
More likely to see a movie that donates part of its profits to charity 62%
Would invite a Non-Christian friend to see a movie about God 60%
Christians should have greater influence in Hollywood 55%
Theaters don’t show enough movies exploring faith 41%

Conducted by American Insights, the poll surveyed 1200 adults in May.

– Sources:  Christian News Service, 06/11/14.