COPS’ 33rd Season to Premiere on Fox Nation

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COPS’ 33rd Season to Premiere on Fox Nation

By Movieguide® Staff

The classic TV show COPS landed its 33rd season with Fox Nation, a streaming service from Fox News Media. 

Fox Nation announced that the show would premiere on October 1 with four episodes. After its debut, a new episode will appear weekly on Friday nights. Fox also gifted a year-long subscription for free to first-responders, firefighters and police officers. 

“‘Cops’ is one of the most iconic brands on television with an incredibly passionate fan base,” the president of Fox Nation, Jason Klarman, said. 

The first episode of COPS aired in 1989 and soon became a staple of Saturday night on Fox. 

Variety reported

Shows featuring police arresting people who are disturbing the peace or in the midst of violent incidents have enjoyed solid viewership for years, but the format has come under scrutiny, particularly as the nation grappled with the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd while in custody of police in Minneapolis last year. A+E Networks canceled the popular “Live PD,” a reality program that generated solid ratings by tracking police officers in near real-time in various parts of the country, in the summer of 2020. “Cops,” which had been airing on ViacomCBS’ Paramount Network, was canceled at about the same time. Paramount had been running the show since 2013, after Fox opted to stop running it.

The decision to revive “Cops” puts a spotlight on growing ambitions for Fox Nation, which was originally billed as a sort of service for “superfans” of the conservative Fox News Channel. To be sure, the service continues to feature news programming anchored by Tucker Carlson and other Fox News hosts. In recent months, however, Klarman has steered the subscription outlet beyond news programming. Nancy Grace leads a true-crime program, and other offerings include series about real-estate. Fox Nation even secured rights to some of Clint Eastwood’s most popular movies from Warner Brothers.

Although many shows adopted the narrative that the U.S. should defund the police, the last season of CBS’ BLUE BLOODS championed the importance of law enforcement. 

Movieguide® previously reported

CBS’s police drama BLUE BLOODS, which stars Tom Selleck, decided to forsake the trend of other network TV shows who boosted the Black Lives Matter’s social justice message, and instead stood behind the police.

The most recent BLUE BLOODS episode centers around a city councilwoman whose goal is to defund the police and have New York Police Commissioner Reagan (Selleck) fired. However, the show honorably refuses to fall in line with the notion that all cops are bad, which contrasts the other police, law, and medical dramas debuting this season.

In the episode, the City Council Speaker Regina Thomas (Whoopi Goldberg) claims in an interview that the New York Police department is a model of “systemic racism and oppression.” 

The radio segment leads to a confrontation between the speaker, who says the police are “on trial,” and Commissioner Reagan.

“Well, because you’re putting it on trial. And, by the way, everyone is entitled to a vigorous defense, even my people,” Reagan tells the speaker.

“Every single cop is being painted with the same brush. And when anyone in my rank and file conducts themself in a way that is not worthy of the uniform, they get dealt with,” Reagan continues.

Speaker Thomas replies: “Every cop is wearing the same uniform, so if you get stopped walking while Black, how do you know which one is walking up on you?”

Reagan stands firm to defend his officers, and his reply is seldom seen on TV today: “Okay, how’s a cop to know what he’s walking up on? See, that fuse gets lit both ways. At least we can agree on that,” Reagan replies.