Country Singer Warren Zeiders Leads Audience in ‘How Great Thou Art’

Photo from Warren Zeiders’ Instagram

Country Singer Warren Zeiders Leads Audience in ‘How Great Thou Art’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Country singer and two-time Grammy award winner Warren Zeiders performed “How Great Thou Art” at a recent concert.

The video posted to Instagram shows the singer leading a filled auditorium as they sing, “Then sings my soul / My Savior God to thee / How great thou art / How great thou art.”


Zeiders shares his faith through songs like “God Only Knows.”

In an interview with Shore Fire Media, he explained how his childhood impacted his career.

“Faith, family and athletics were the three pillars of my life, long before I started playing music,” he said. “I haven’t forgotten that. I’m always learning new things — if you stop doing that, you stop growing — but I’m staying true to who I am, too. This album is my story. It’s who I am. It’s who I’ve always been. I may not be playing lacrosse anymore, but I haven’t lost the discipline or focus that I learned as an athlete. I still put in the work. I still push myself. I go onstage and treat it like it’s a game day.”

“I was raised on country, rock and Christian music,” he recalled. “That music helped shape me into who I am.”

His album, “717 Tapes,” embodies the music he was raised on.

“I needed this album to touch all of those bases, because if I’m going to create something, I have to believe in it,” Zeiders said of the album.

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