Derek Carr Heads to New Orleans Saints: ‘I Do Have Faith, and I Do Believe’ 

Photo from Derek Carr’s Instagram

Derek Carr Heads to New Orleans Saints: ‘I Do Have Faith and I Do Believe’ 

By Movieguide® Contributor  

Derek Carr, former Las Vegas Raiders quarterback, recently signed with the New Orleans Saints.  

Carr sat out the last two games of the season with the Raiders, which led him to step away from the team indefinitely.  

Carr spoke at Church LV in January, where he expanded on his decisions.

“Instead, I said, ‘Lord, what is it that You’re trying to reveal to me in this season? Lord, what is it that You’re trying to do in my heart in this season?’ Carr states. “Patience? Forgiveness? Do they deserve it? Doesn’t matter. He didn’t ask me if they deserve it. That wasn’t on the agenda for me. The agenda for me was just ‘forgive.’ The agenda for me was just ‘have peace.’” 

Carr added at his introductory press conference on Saturday that faith and family is the groundwork of everything he does.

“I’m not gonna sit up here and throw Bibles at everybody, but I do have faith and I do believe. That’s how we raise our children, and that’s what the basis of our marriage is on. I love my wife because of the way that I am loved and how I learned that love,” he says in the press conference.  

Carr plans to simply love people in his community.

“We just try and always be open to that and what the Lord is saying to us on how to help that community and just love the people of New Orleans,” Carr said. “My faith is No. 1. That’ll never change no matter what, good or bad. And then my family and then football. And I love all three a lot.” 

Carr began his career with the Raiders in 2014 under head coach Dennis Allen, who is currently the head coach for the Saints.   

Carr started 142 games of a possible 146 in his nine seasons with the Raiders. Carr led the Raiders to the playoffs twice. In 2022, Carr threw a total of 3,522 yards. He had 24 touch downs in the 15 games he played.  

Carr made his decision public via his social media last week. He signed a four-year deal allegedly worth a total of $150 million.  

The Saints record holds 16-18 over the last two seasons. Carr plans to get them back into the playoffs as he prepares for the 2023 season.  

Movieguide® previously reported an interview between Jeremiah Fennell and Derek Carr:  

Ten-year-old Instagram phenomenon Jeremiah Fennell went viral this weekend after conducting a heartfelt interview at the Pro Bowl with Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. 

“I admire and respect you so much because of the Christian man that you are on and off the field,” Fennell said.  

“I know what that looks like because my dad is also a God-fearing Christian man, and he always teaches me to treat my mom like the queen of the family that she is,” he added. “I noticed that every time you talk about your wife your face lights up. You smile like you’re talking about your best friend.” 

Fennell went on to ask Carr when he knew that Heather, Carr’s wife, was “the one.” 

“It was the first date that we went on,” he told Fennell. “I asked her what she wanted in a husband, and I told her what I wanted in a wife. As we began talking, I knew I was going to marry her at that moment.” 

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