Harry Lennix Talks Playing God in DESTINATION HEAVEN

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Harry Lennix Talks Playing God in DESTINATION HEAVEN

By Movieguide® Contributor

Actor Harry Lennix, who stars in the new Great American Pureflix series DESTINATION HEAVEN, recently sat down with Movieguide® to talk about what it’s like to portray God.

“It’s great to play God,” he said. “I have to tell you, I so love the scripts and the stories that are being told in this. And the fact that…it kind of shows that you can have a good time with God. You can have a good relationship. You can relax and be yourself. He knows who we are, and so I love that.”

“When I think of God, I want to know that there’s an order that is in place,” the actor said when asked what characteristics of God he wants to portray. “That that’s on purpose, that that’s by design…I would look for his grace and his patience. His ability to let me to continue to grow and to understand. Of course, you want his knowledge, his knowing, his omniscience, his wisdom. So that’s what I would like to embody…I think the most important thing is what Jesus Christ himself talked about God being a father.”

Lennix explained that the role of God has challenged him.

“It certainly challenged me, and it encouraged me to continue to study. To continue to know who God is, how God is,” he added.

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Alongside Lennix, DESTINATION HEAVEN features Kevin Sorbo, Emily Rose and Tim Bensch.

“As people grapple with a myriad of difficulties in life, God the Father meets them face-to-face to help guide them through it,” a synopsis reads.

Movieguide previously reported on the upcoming series.

“The six-part scripted series that premieres May 24 follows God as he encounters people in a myriad of circumstances who all believe they’re doing the right things — that is, until they discover their approach to being good is going through the motions rather than growing emotionally or intellectually from the circumstance,” Deadline reported.

Per PR Newswire, “In episode one of DESTINATION HEAVEN, ‘Home Is Where,’ Jenna (Rose) and Malcom (Bensch) are successful professionals who live and work in an upscale community. The pair believe by donating cash to charities that they are doing everything they can to better mankind. While asking God to bless her, Jenna is transported to a heavenly place where she encounters God working alone in a workshop of picture frames…”

DESTINATION HEAVEN will mark Great American Pure Flix’s latest venture into original content. Its first, COUNTRY RESCUE, debuted earlier this year.

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