Elevation Worship’s Tiffany Hudson Recalls How God Sparked Her Love of Worship

Photo from Tiffany Hudson’s Instagram

Elevation Worship’s Tiffany Hudson Recalls How God Sparked Her Love of Worship

By Movieguide® Contributor

Tiffany Hudson, a member of Elevation Worship, shared how God sparked her desire to worship Him through music at a young age.

She began by explaining how her parents were pastors, but she grew up desiring to experience God for herself.

“I have so many memories growing up of whether it’s, you know, responding to the altar call…I was the kid that like raised my hand for every altar call,” she laughed during an interview with Snapshot Testimony. “Every time it’s like ‘rededicate your life to Jesus,’ I’ll do that…it’s just like, I was a kid that was just hungry to really experience the God that I’ve heard about my entire life.”

Hudson also shared how she first developed a desire to worship through music.

“I remember being young and growing up in my parents’ house and, you know, they had a piano that’s out of tune, still to this day. And I just remember, like, learning four chords…and I just would get home from school, and I would sit at the piano. And I would just sing over those four chords anything that came to my heart, anything that came to mind. And I would sit there until I felt the presence of God come.

She added that God met her every time she worshiped.

“Without fail I remember like every time, God’s presence would fill that little room…and I would just begin to cry at the piano. And I still get a little emotional thinking about it because those were such formative moments where God was like ‘This is real and like I will inhabit the praises of my people,’” she said.

She revealed that there was never a distinct moment where she was “called” to be a worship leader, but looking back, she can see how God put the pieces together.

“It wasn’t like [this] clouds-parted moment and a voice came down from heaven that said, ‘You are called to be a worship leader,’ like none of that,” Hudson explained. “Everything that God’s done in my life at the time felt coincidental almost like I accidentally stumbled upon something, but then you look back, and of course in hindsight, you’re like, ‘That was God’s hand and sovereignty.’”

Hudson recently posted about her new song, “Sure Been Good,” to her Instagram.

“AND I’M PRAISING YOU BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T LEAVE ME LIKE I WAS🤍💃😭 Sure Been Good available everywhere,” she posted. “Pastor @stevenfurtick said this song needs a new bridge and then this happened 🤯 Thankful for God’s unrelenting goodness in our lives, for our church community that isn’t afraid to get a little unhinged in praise to Jesus, for overdubs whilst being 8months pregnant 😜”

She recently welcomed her first son, Bodie Hammer Hudson, with husband Mait Hudson. She posted a sweet video documenting her pregnancy from the moment they found out they were expecting to their first few moments with their son.

Hudson released her first solo album last year. Movieguide® previously reported:

Elevation Worship member Tiffany Hudson recently opened up about her debut solo album, “Hidden Here,” and why she never thought she would create a solo project. 

“I never had a desire to do a solo project until I felt the Lord begin to invite me into a process of writing and discovering some things that were on His heart in early 2022,” she told Relevant Magazine.

“After a season of what felt like creative drought, I felt like the Lord started to download inspiration from His word, and my time with Him in the morning became more real than ever. As the Lord spoke to me, I felt charged to write a response to Him through song. Oftentimes in my life, I’ve felt like the Lord has led me step by step, so for now, this little offering is that next step,” Hudson explained.

The singer-songwriter shared that the songs in “Hidden Here” were more personal than usual.  

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