Hurricane Ida Damages DUKES OF HAZZARD Star John Schneider’s Home and Studio

Photo by Vagueonthehow/Wikimedia Commons

Hurricane Ida Damages DUKES OF HAZZARD Star John Schneider’s Home and Studio

By Movieguide® Staff

Hurricane Ida stormed into Louisiana over the weekend, devastating everything in its path, including John Schneider’s home and studio in Holden.

Schneider’s rep said that the actor was not present at his house when the storm hit because he was helping organize Middle Tennessee flood relief in Nashville.

Schneider and his wife, Alicia, said that they would stop by Holden to see the damage but head back to Nashville as soon as they were able.

Nashville publicist Brian Mayes shared a photo of Schneider’s studio from the road and used it as an opportunity to express his support of Schneider and his wife for their help in the flood relief efforts.

“John Schneider Studios (Holden, LA) took a direct hit from Hurricane Ida overnight. John & Alicia were here in Nashville organizing flood relief efforts for Middle TN, and are currently en route home. Please pray, and feel free to support them,” Mayes wrote, adding a link to the actor’s website.

The 61-year-old actor responded: “Thanks Brian. We are headed back and seem to be the only ones on the road. I’m get a real look at the damage to mom’s house in the morning and then head back to TN to continue flood relief. All people and pups are good. May have a ‘Hurricane Sale at Miss Shirley’s!’ Soon!”

According to Fox News, flooding destroyed many items in Schneider’s Holden home in a storm from 2016.

Fox News reported: “In the flood, the actor lost personal items, masters of unfinished film projects, and memorabilia from his time in the film industry.”

So far, one person has died due to Hurricane Ida, and millions were left without electricity.

Please join Movieguide® in praying for the people affected by both Hurricane Ida and the flooding in Tennessee.

Schneider starred in Kairos Prize®-winning screenplay, SWITCHED.

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SWITCHED is entertaining and heartfelt, with good acting. It has a strong Christian, moral worldview where characters discuss biblical principles and repent of poor behavior. One character turns from her disbelief in God and utters a prayer at the end. A Kairos Prize winner, SWITCHED also shows that social media can be both used and abused, even by parents. The movie communicates that kindness and treating others the way you want to be treated is the best policy, especially online. There’s almost no objectionable content in SWITCHED.