‘I Will Survive’ Singer Gloria Gaynor Shares Testimony: I Am ‘Ever So Grateful’

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‘I Will Survive’ Singer Gloria Gaynor Shares Testimony: I Am ‘Ever So Grateful’

By Movieguide® Staff

Singer Gloria Gaynor, famous for her disco-era hits such as “I Will Survive” and “I Am What I Am,” recently starred in a faith-based movie called THE THURSDAY NIGHT CLUB.

The movie’s synopsis reads: “When a young woman filled with the Christmas spirit suffers a devastating loss, her four closest friends work to bring the spirit back to her by helping others. The Thursday Night Club is an inspiring movie about a group of friends who listen to God’s calling to serve others in unique ways.”

Gaynor said the movie is a timely reminder of the importance of selflessness for this generation of young people.

“There seems to be, among young people, an aversion to listening to people my age and older people,” Gaynor told Movieguide®. “So to have this message come through, from young people, from their own generation, I think is going to be a plus for this movie and for the world, depending how many people you know, take up the idea that it is good, that it is wonderful, that it is something that we all should be trying to do, is to give back.”

The new movie is currently available to stream on Pure Flix.

The famous singer, 79, champions faith-based projects and music and is outspoken about her journey to faith, which came after her hit song, “I Will Survive.”

“Years ago, right after ‘I Will Survive,’ I was riding high and my and my ex-husband and I had given a party and we’d invited these people and long story short, I was about to indulge in drugs because I felt that if I didn’t, my husband was going to be left with all these women and I was going to be asleep because I wasn’t indulging and as I was about to do it,” she recalled.

“God literally grabbed me by my collar; ‘That’s enough.’ And I was visibly shaken,” she added. “Got to the bathroom as quickly as I could close the door and I was standing there shaking realizing that yeah, God had really sort of jacked me up.”

Gaynor revealed that the close call made her realize her need for Jesus and God’s message of joy.

“I left the bathroom and went into the bedroom and stayed there until everybody was gone,” she said. “I don’t even remember who those people are, but it just made me know that I need to do something different. I might need to make some changes in my life.

“I had to really go a different way,” she continued. “So I sat down in my house, grabbed a Bible that someone had given me thinking I was religious. I’m like, ‘I wasn’t thinking about that Bible.’ But I had it when I needed it. And so I took it, blew the dust off it, sat down with him. I was like ‘okay, God, show time. Who is this Jesus person?’ And He said, ‘open the book.’

“I opened it and on one side of the page was a list of prophecies of the forthcoming messiah that would save us from our sins,” she explained. “And the other side of the page was a list of scriptures showing how Christ fulfilled those prophecies. I was done. I was so done. I was crying. I was penitent. I’ve been following Him ever since, never regretting a moment. Always just so grateful. Just ever so grateful.”

At 79 years old, Gaynor is as active as she was early in her career, as she continues to perform and even star in faith-based movies like THE THURSDAY NIGHT CLUB.

“It makes me feel great, because it’s my opportunity to pay it forward,” she said of her lasting career. ‘I’m really, really hoping that people see this film and take away from it how enriching it is to your life when you give away.

“I stand in awe of a God who gives you gifts, talents, and abilities with which to bless other people. And yet, as you’re doing it, you literally become more blessed than they are. It’s incredible. It’s amazing and wonderful,” she added.

Gaynor previously attended the Movieguide® Awards Gala and Report to the Entertainment Industry.

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