JESUS REVOLUTION Crosses $50 Million Mark At Box Office, Prepares For VOD Release

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JESUS REVOLUTION Crosses $50 Million Mark At Box Office, Prepares For VOD Release

By Movieguide® Contributor

JESUS REVOLUTION became one of the biggest releases at the box office, and it just surpassed a major milestone—$50 million at the box office!

“It’s just an unbelievable landmark for any movie,” co-director Jon Erwin said of the box office success. 

Erwin pointed to “the providence of God’s timing” for the movie’s success, saying, “The right story can change people’s lives if you tell it well…My hope is that all the chatter about revival will continue.”

JESUS REVOLUTION opened at No. 3 at the box office and has remained in the top 10 since its debut.

Now, fans can enjoy JESUS REVOLUTION at home. The movie is set for a VOD release April 11, with a DVD/Blu-Ray release coming two weeks later. 

Movieguide® previously reported on JESUS REVOLUTION’s success:

With a $15.5 million box debut, JESUS REVOLUTION shows that Christians will turn out in droves for a movie that honors faith and family values.

The movie, which stars Jonathan Roumie as Lonnie Frisbee, Kelsey Grammer as Pastor Chuck Smith, and Joel Courtney as a young Greg Laurie, opened to $15.5M at the box office—making it the third most profitable movie for Feb. 24-26.

Meanwhile, secular critics proved just how out of touch they are with what audiences really want.

Movieguide®, however, knows that content that promotes strong biblical values scores at the box office, as evidenced by this impressive opening weekend. Christians will show up and purchase tickets for their entire family when they can be assured that a movie contains little to no excessive content and will honor the values they preach in their own homes.

A portion of the Movieguide® review reads:

JESUS REVOLUTION is incredibly well made and captivating. It has many scenes with jeopardy and inspiring, well-written presentations of Jesus’ Gospel. MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution because the movie accurately depicts the drug scene from an impartial viewpoint that might attract younger children. The movie also shows Greg Laurie’s mother’s constant drunkenness and philandering. The immoral behavior is part of the true stories in JESUS REVOLUTION, which, to an amazing degree, have been made into an exciting, cohesive, uplifting movie.

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