John Krasinski Calls QUIET PLACE Movies a ‘Love Letter’ to His Children

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John Krasinski Calls QUIET PLACE Movies a ‘Love Letter’ to His Children

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor 

Former OFFICE star John Krasinski detailed in a recent interview that his QUIET PLACE movies are about family and community.

Krasinski sat down with Esquire’s Matt Miller for a comprehensive interview. Miler observed:

“Krasinski’s commitment to his family should be evident to anyone who’s watched A Quiet Place, a movie that he calls a love letter to his kids. When he first started working on the script he and Blunt had just had their second daughter. In that head space, he thought the idea made for a great metaphor about parenthood and what one would do for their child.”

Movieguide® agrees. That’s why A QUIET PLACE was nominated for Movieguide® Awards, including Grace Prize® nominations for both Blunt and Krasinski.

Despite naysayers who thought Krasinski tried to insert a political message, he disagrees.

“I never saw [the movie] that way or ever thought of it until it was presented to me in that way,” Krasinski said. “It wasn’t about being, you know, silent and political that had nothing to do with that. If anything, it was about, you know, going into the dark and, and taking a chance when all hope looked lost, you take, you know, you fight for what’s most important to you. Again, my whole metaphor was solely about parenthood.”

In March, Krasinski’s follow-up A QUIET PLACE PART II comes to theaters.

“For me this whole movie becomes about community,” said the writer/ director. “It’s about who do you trust in dark times and the power of relying on other people in dark times.”

Although Krasinski isn’t politically conservative, he does seem to have a special regard for servicemen and women.

“I have 11 aunts and uncles and cousins who have been in the military or still are in the military,” Krasinski explained. “So it was a big thing on my list to get to do a military movie or show or something.”

Krasinski currently stars as Jack Ryan in Amazon’s original series and formerly starred in Michael Bay’s military action movie 13 HOURS.

“As far as Jack Ryan and the CIA, I always say it’s about the people. I’ll always respect people who put their lives on the line for people like me, who they’ve never met.”

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