Johnny Cash’s Son Remembers Strong Bond With Famous Father: ‘He Was My Best Friend’

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Johnny Cash’s Son Remembers Strong Bond With Famous Father: ‘He Was My Best Friend’

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Son of Johnny and June Carter Cash, John Carter Cash, shares the highs and lows that both him and his father went through and how God was with them through the journey.

“He was my best friend,”Carter Cash said of his father “He really was. We laughed together. We traveled together. He was supportive of me.”

He confesses that sometimes that friendship came before parenting. The singer/songwriter states, “He was lenient on me, maybe a little too much. I think he could have been a little bit tougher. I think I needed it sometimes. But my father
never held a record of wrong. And we forgave each other and we healed.”

Like father like son Carter Cash dealt with addiction that he had to overcome.

“My father had gone through a treatment center in the early 1990s. Well, I went through that same treatment center back in the early 1990s..,” the 52-year-old said.

In spite of his and his father’s struggles, he wants to focus on the positive and his father’s faith that gave him strength, and he shares more about his father’s legacy in the new documentary JOHNNY CASH: THE REDEMPTION OF AN AMERICAN ICON.

He had so many losses in his life – the loss of his brother, loss of my mother before he passed away,” Carter Cash explained. “[But] he never, like Job, cursed God. I want people to know when they watch this [documentary], that no matter what they go through, God is not against them. God is supportive. God is behind them… My dad had a great wisdom and understanding of that… What God does is helps us carry our burdens of this mortal plane, of this thin fabric of our existence.”

Part of the Movieguide® review of the documentary reads:

JOHNNY CASH: THE REDEMPTION OF AN AMERICAN ICON is a documentary getting a brief theatrical release. It tells how the influential country and folk music singer, songwriter lost his way after becoming addicted to amphetamines, became estranged from his wife and family, and started an affair with country singer June Carter. His crisis of faith reached a lowpoint in 1967 after his wife divorced him. However, he returned to Jesus and became a strong spokesman for the Gospel. Interviews with several music stars, Johnny’s sister and one of his sons, and two pastors complete the movie’s portrayal of Johnny Cash.

Carter Cash also released a book of devotionals that contains his late father’s writings on faith called “Walking the Line: 90 Devotions of Truth and Hope Based on the Faith of Johnny Cash.”

As previously reported in Movieguide® the impact that Johnny Cash had on others and the desire to remember his father were inspiration behind publishing the book.

John said, “ When I’ve looked at my father’s works, when I’ve looked at his writings, I am brought back in contact with him because he had such a personality within his written word,” he said. “It’s almost as if I’m back in the room with him again … and I’m reminded of his voice.”