Larry A. Thompson’s Book SHINE Is a “Captivating Page-Turner”


Larry A. Thompson’s Book Shine Is a “Captivating Page-Turner”

By Nicole Hakola, Contributing Writer

America is familiar with her classics and the stars that make the TV and movie experience come to life. Famous lines can be remembered and quoted. Fashion can be displayed on an entertainment Star, and we buy it – beauty and how we should look, including perfect abs, teeth and hair.

Hollywood has had an influence on our culture since the very beginning, teaching our eyes what they should see and our ears what to hear. For the very thing we love about the Stars, we can find faults in ourselves. We have all been guilty of wishing we could be more like them and Larry A. Thompson is grabbing our attention from the very moment we see his new book, Shine, where he lets readers know not just the stars’ secrets to success, but how we can find our own success and personal fulfillment that make us stand out of the crowd and shine.

Shine is a captivating page-turner that helps you identify your natural talents and encourages readers to find goals, step into the unknown, never look back, and never take no for an answer. We already have everything inside of us to be a star. Larry teaches readers how to unlock what’s already there. His wisdom and advice bring light to the lies, attitudes and perceptions of ourselves that keep our hearts and minds in darkness.

As we see Hollywood influence our culture, we know that what we see and hear has great effect. In his book, Larry points out that our thoughts and what we believe about ourselves has the power to get us where we want to go or keep us trapped.

Although never quoting scripture, Christians can take his principles and see the truth behind it. Does “Taking our thoughts captive” (2 Corinthians 5-6) or “As a man thinks in his heart so is he” (Prov. 23:7) sound familiar? Shine brings us to church and allows us to examine our hearts. Larry uses biblical principles and breaks it down for even those who never stepped into church to grasp.

My heart is set for the center stage, but I found my mind had a lot to understand. This book is crucial for anyone thinking about going into the entertainment industry and a must read for those who want to achieve the next level and better themselves. In other words, this book should be in the hands of everyone you love. After reading you won’t just have the drive and ambition to fulfill your goals, you will have the encouragement to do so.

Larry is an angel shedding light to the very talent and natural gift inside each of us. We would be wrong to continue to look to Hollywood and wish we could have Brads Pitt’s abs, Julia Roberts’ smile, Jim Carrey’s humor, Barry White’s voice, when you have your own unique qualities.

Shine brings to light the Hollywood mirage of what changing the world and true influence looks like. Larry brilliantly points out that our everyday efforts, no matter how ordinary they may feel, are really big achievements. Maybe life isn’t about the grand gestures and big events after all? Perhaps, the golden rule is life’s sweet spot. Loving yourself, staying true to who you are and loving others along your path gives life meaning. In IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, “Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings,” but for Larry, every time Shine is read, we can see our potential and a new star is born.