Melissa Joan Hart: ‘Remember The Reason For The Season’ This Christmas

Photo from Melissa Joan Hart’s Instagram

Melissa Joan Hart: ‘Remember The Reason For The Season’ This Christmas

By Movieguide® Contributor 

Actress Melissa Joan Hart is making sure to remember the “reason for the season” as she and her family get ready to celebrate Christmas. 

“We obviously always put our Nativity out as well as our tree and everything else … we do Advent, and we go to Christmas Mass on Christmas Eve,” she said of her family’s holiday traditions.

In addition to decorations and attending Mass, Hart also shared that her family makes it a priority to give back over the holiday season. 

“We always make sure we remember the reason for the season … try to find places to inspire joy and hope … all the things that the season is supposed to represent by doing service work, going to local food banks, donating gifts to kids in need,” the actress said. 

Hart frequently talks about her family’s Christmas celebration and how important it is to focus on her faith during this time of year. Movieguide® previously reported:

Actress Melissa Joan Hart is putting her faith into action by working with World Vision this Christmas.

“It’s tough during Christmas time to really stay focused on what’s important because there is so much going on….I try to remember the reason for the season, which of course is Jesus Christ and, and him coming into the world and His sacrifice for us,” Hart says.

“Choosing joy at Christmas time is so important. I do think it is in a way a choice,” she said. “I know a lot of people are suffering around the world at all times, whether it’s, you know, they’re in poverty, they’re hungry, they’re having a terrible breakup in their family, or they’ve lost someone and they’re not celebrating with their family, but trying to focus on the center of Christmas, and that Jesus came for us….that’s what Christmas is all about.”

One of her Christmas traditions is partnering with World Vision.

“The World Vision gift catalog is the first thing I sit down with around Christmas time right after I send out my cards,” the actress shared. “I sit down with the catalog and I start to make little notes and circle things and write people’s names about who I can give this and that and whatnot too. I’ve given co-stars of mine goats before and you can really just help families in such amazing ways.”

For Hart, World Vision satisfies many of her charitable desires.

“I have always looked for an organization that will work overseas around the world in the US in such a deep and meaningful way where it really doesn’t just kind of gloss over a problem. It has levels and layers and someone’s thought deep about how these programs work and how we’re really going to help people get out of poverty,” Hart said. “And World Vision….There’s so many levels to it, they’ve thought about every angle of it to help these people be on their own and have a wealth of clean water and keep it clean and keep it working. And that’s so important.”