Mindlessly Pornographic, Politically Correct Paganism

By Dr. Tom Snyder, Editor

Sacha Baron Cohen knows who his enemies are.

The depraved “mind” from England behind BRÜNO, Cohen’s enemies are Americans, Christians, Southerners, and now Orthodox Jews and African Americans who don’t share his pornographic taste in promoting the radical homosexual movement and other liberal causes. Especially those in California who voted for Proposition 8 in 2008, which legally protects the traditional definition of marriage.

Cohen’s new mockumentary (or fake documentary), BRÜNO, is worse than any decent human being can imagine. It is full of pornographic images unfit for human consumption. And, it’s being released by a major movie studio in Hollywood, one of the co-owners of the Motion Picture Association of America that is allowing this trashy movie to appear at your local movie theaters (many of them located in areas where children and underage teenagers congregate).

In the movie, Cohen (BORAT) plays Brüno, an effeminate homosexual fashion designer from Austria who has a TV show called “Funkyzeit” in Germany. Narrated by Brüno, this fake documentary, or mockumentary, shows in graphic detail his homosexual lifestyle, including some disgusting bedroom shenanigans with his assistant and homosexual lover.

Brüno gets blacklisted from the fashion industry after wrecking a fashion show by wearing a velcro suit. His male assistant/lover leaves him and his TV show is canceled.

Brüno decides to go to America to seek fame and celebrity. Lutz, his former assistant’s assistant who loves Brüno, follows him. Among the things he tries are acting, his own pornographic Cable TV fashion show, a modeling/acting agency, and non-profit work. Many of these attempts involve Brüno interacting with, and provoking, real people. Along the way, he and Lutz begin a homosexual affair that includes implied sadomasochism.

Brüno finally realizes that all the big male celebrities, like George Clooney and Tom Cruise, are heterosexual. So, he turns away his current homosexual partner Lutz. He also goes to a real Christian pastor and Christian doctor Paul Cameron to get transformed into a heterosexual. He also turns to a heterosexual swingers group and to a group of male Southern hunters to show him how to be a real man.

Everything culminates at an ultimate fighting competition, where a macho Brüno shows up and gets the lower-class Southern crowd to chant, “Straight Pride! Straight Pride!” Lutz, however, has other plans that night for Brüno. His plans finally get Brüno the celebrity and fame for which he has lusted. The movie ends with Snoop Dogg, the rap celebrity, saying a line with the politically correct, anti-Christian, unbiblical, and wicked message that homosexuality is really no big deal.

As the CONTENT section for this movie shows, BRÜNO is full of extremely graphic and pornographic sex scenes, including perverse and disgusting homosexual and sadomasochistic practices as well as real men and women having real intercourse. Also, an extensive scene from Brüno’s TV reality show, shown before a small focus group audience of incredulous real people, shows a close-up of, allegedly, Sacha Baron Cohen’s private parts, which he purposely swings back and forth for the camera. There is also a scene of a fully nude blonde woman viciously whipping Cohen as Brüno repeatedly in a private bedroom at the swingers orgy. In that scene, Cohen is only wearing Brüno’s trademark, leopard pattern bikini briefs.

Apart from the graphic, pornographic sex scenes, nudity and vulgar sex references, the movie includes scenes where Cohen as Brüno deliberately provokes other people, including the Christian pastor. To his credit, the Christian pastor refuses to take the bait, but that is not true for many of the real people picked up off the street and placed into this movie, including a crowd of older African Americans on a local TV talk show and the group of “rednecks” attending the ultimate fighting competition. Besides promoting homosexuality during the sequence featuring the African Americans, Cohen as Brüno provokes them by claiming that he has adopted a black baby from Africa. He alleges to the black audience that he has given the baby a traditional African name, O.J. Of course, the audience is completely outraged by this comment and other apparently racist comments made by Cohen.

Other targets for Cohen include heterosexual men, hunters, American soldiers, parents, Hollywood agents, Jews, Arabs, and regular Americans on the street.

Of course, in all these scenes, the filmmakers are clearly mocking all these people, including the Christian pastor. All of them, including the African Americans, seem to be mocked because their conservative and traditional opinions and modesty against homosexual perversion and against same-sex marriage do not match the radical homosexual movement’s agenda that Cohen and his team are clearly promoting. According to some exit polls, for example, about 70% of African Americans in California voted for Proposition 8 in 2008, the proposition that made traditional male/female marriage the law of the land, thus outlawing same-sex marriage.

In addition to all this mockery and ridicule, Cohen dons a homosexualized and deliberately offensive Jewish outfit that provokes about three Orthodox Jews in Israel to chase him down the street. He also makes some positive comments about Adolph Hitler and a few other anti-Semitic, racist remarks during the movie.

Clearly, the agenda of the filmmakers here, including Cohen, is to get attention, and sell tickets, by being as outrageous and pornographic as they possibly can be. They also deliberately provoke other people, including virile heterosexual males and male Evangelical Christians, so that they, including Cohen, can show themselves to be superior and more “enlightened” than the people they are trying to provoke. Thus, BRÜNO is simply a mindlessly pornographic example of left-wing, pro-homosexual paganism.

Given that, one wonders why pornographic content and obscene, vulgar language is so much a part of so many movies and websites by people from the homosexual rights movement, and leftists in general. MOVIEGUIDE® believes that it is because the agenda these leftists and pro-homosexual activists and filmmakers have is an anti-Christian, anti-biblical and totally immoral agenda. And, it is Christianity and the Word of God, the Bible, that are still the standard bearers when it comes to morality, especially sexual morality and the morality that protects children and promotes God and Jesus Christ’s definition of marriage in Genesis 2:24 and Matthew 19:3-12. In that light, it is interesting to note that in Matthew 19:13-15, Jesus follows his defense of marriage by telling the crowd not to hinder children from coming to and following Him.

Ultimately, society protects children whenever it extols and follows the moral code depicted by the triune God, including Jesus Christ, in the Bible. And, ultimately, atheists, leftists and radical pro-homosexual activists who promote pornography and a homosexual agenda are being hateful, evil, Christophobic bigots (and sometimes even Anti-Semites and racists).

BRÜNO clearly represents a new low and a new assault on American culture, and America’s children, from the perverted minds of some people who have taken over parts of Hollywood. Go see UP or the 3-D ICE AGE movie again with your family instead, if you haven’t done so already.


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