Movieguide® Continues to Stay on the Cutting Edge.


Movieguide® Continues to Stay on the Cutting Edge.

By Evy Baehr, Executive Managing Editor

Movieguide® had the opportunity to hear from top filmmakers in the industry about Final Cut Pro, at the FCPX Creative Summit in Cupertino, Calif.

Many naysayers of Final Cut Pro say it isn’t detailed enough and isn’t the industry standard, but the talk around the Summit is that it saves money, time and resources. In fact, the editors of WHISKEY TANGO FOX TROT, were “six weeks early in the schedule and under budget,” something that Warner Bros. Studios hardly ever sees.

These filmmakers believe this will become the standard.  In fact, Co-Director Glenn Ficarra of WHISKEY said, “My daughter was 9 and saw what we were doing and jumped on, and could do it. It’s because they have iMovie, so as young people come up, they will be better at Final Cut.”

Final Cut Pro itself has grown a lot in its newest Upgrade, which now has new audio roles, support for the new MacBook Pro’s Touchbar, magnetic timeline 2, new codes for sending video out for broadcast, and support for many third party apps.

Movieguide®’s production studio has already adopted Final Cut Pro X since its inception in 2012 and continues to use it to push the boundaries of its own television and video production in the social media sphere.

The 2016 Movieguide® Awards were aired on the REELZChannel with an audience of over half a million people. This was the first Movieguide® Awards to be edited at our new headquarters in Camarillo. The editor of choice? Final Cut Pro X. The production was finished several days before airdate and remained under budget.

The awards show requires Movieguide® to use the latest in audio, graphics and video editing techniques in the shortest amount of time. Final Cut Pro X did the job very well.

Movieguide® continues to pursue the latest in technology and applications to keep high-quality content flowing to its 34 million fans monthly. Final Cut Pro X is a premium tool in handling that workflow, and, with the 10.3 update, things will only get better.