New Family Movie Emphasizes Finding Your Worth in God

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New Family Movie Emphasizes Finding Your Worth in God

By Movieguide® Staff

Editor’s Note: This is a portion of our review of THE FARMER AND THE BELLE: SAVING SANTALAND. For the full review, click here

THE FARMER AND THE BELLE: SAVING SANTALAND is a wide video on demand release about a supermodel in New York who’s worried about aging out of the industry, until one day she remembers a charm bracelet with biblical beauty affirmations that she lost at a Christmas farm called Santaland she used to visit as a youngster. THE FARMER AND THE BELLE: SAVING SANTALAND is an entertaining “feel good” movie for families with a strong Christian, biblical worldview and little to no questionable elements.

The movie opens with young Belle Winters, a girl who is pen pals with a boy named Josh. Belle gets a charm bracelet from her doting grandmother that has affirmations about true, Christ-centered beauty. Belle goes to a farm that has an annual Christmas event under the name Santaland. While there, Josh convinces Belle to sit on top of a fence so he can take a photo of her. To Belle’s surprise, she falls into a pit of mud and leaves Santaland with her grandmother, completely embarrassed.

When Belle gets home, her mother tells her that farm life isn’t for Belle. Instead, she puts a glamour magazine in front of Belle. This completely changes the direction of Belle’s life.

Cut to present day. Belle Winters is a famous super model complete with a famous makeup artist and personal assistant. Belle is insecure about the way she looks and aging out of the industry. One evening in her apartment in Manhattan, she realizes she lost the charm bracelet her grandmother gave her just before going to Santaland in her youth. Belle makes the trek to Santaland with aspirations of finding the bracelet, because she’s in desperate need of the peace the words on the charms will give her.

Santaland has barely changed in decades. However, Belle’s former pen-pal, Josh, is older. He’s now a practicing pastor, a widower and a father of a 7-year-old daughter named Adelle. Josh wasn’t expecting Belle to show up, but now he has to show her a dose of hospitality.

Belle learns from the people who care about Santaland that it’s in financial trouble. Most likely, the place will have to shut down after more than 80 years of operation. Belle calls upon some of her famous friends like John Schneider and her makeup artist, to bring publicity and funds to Santaland, to help Josh. Shortly afterwards, Belle learns that Josh has had her charm bracelet the entire time of her visit.

Will Belle let this betrayal impact her view of beauty or her feelings of Josh? Will Santaland be able to make ends meet?

THE FARMER AND THE BELLE: SAVING SANTALAND functions like a feel-good Hallmark movie and is perfect for the family audience during the Christmas season. Given that this story is based on true events adds to the movie’s appeal. The filmmakers do a great job with their transitions in between scenes and the familiar Christian actors in the movie give the storyline an extra sense of pep.

THE FARMER AND THE BELLE: SAVING SANTALAND has a very strong Christian, biblical worldview with an emphasis of finding one’s worth from the truth of God rather than the world’s low standard. Also, several scenes showcase prayer, the true meaning of the Christmas season, and the value of public confession and repentance. SAVING SANTALAND has little to no questionable content. In one scene, a male character mans a kissing booth and kisses several women.  There’s also an awkward moment when a super model poses next to a horse. THE FARMER AND THE BELLE: SAVING SANTALAND is an entertaining “feel good” movie for families.


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