NEWS: Say It Ain’t So, Mr. Cameron!

In his 2009 blockbuster AVATAR, Director James Cameron was totally against human corporations mining for energy on the fictional planet Pandora.

But, now, Cameron has invested in Planetary Resources, a company that plans to conduct mining operations on asteroids close to Earth. Within a decade, the company hopes to sell orbiting observation platforms to prospectors.

Rich rewards are expected form such endeavors. For example, a single 30-meter asteroid could produce $50 billion of platinum at today’s prices!!!

Cameron’s movie proposed that mining was immoral because rocks and plants and things are living beings living in a symbiotic relationship with all sentient life forms.

Apparently, however, when it comes to his own pocketbook, Cameron’s wacky environmentalist, pantheist principles go out the window!

– Source:  Engadget, 04/24/12.

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