An Opinion About Everything


An Opinion About Everything:  Interstellar Cosmology and Ontology

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

The movie THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING about physicist Stephen Hawking and to a large degree about his first wife is an overt clash of worldviews, but we live in an age of relativism where we deny the value of worldviews. Hawking’s first wife has been in the press quite a bit after the movie was released, making the point that his first mistress was physics. In fact, his first mistress was ontological materialism, as the character who plays his wife says in the movie, “Stephen, you won’t receive the knighthood because you’re just an old socialist.”

Of course, Socialism is humanism, and most modern humanism desires to make man the center of all things by showing that God doesn’t exist and that the material world is all there is. Sometimes, the lengths people go, like Hawking, to write God out of the equation are absolutely breathtaking in their convoluted denials of the facts.

For weeks now, I have been studying astrophysics, taught as mentioned in the earlier article by UC Berkeley Professor Alex Filippenko. After weeks of writing God out of the equation, the 86th lecture notes that science really can only extrapolate from four percent of the universe and that about 96 percent of the universe is weird, unintelligible, disconcerting dark matter and dark energy. And, according to Dr. Filippenko, scientists don’t know what dark energy is.” So, they don’t know what 96 percent of the universe is. Everything is extrapolated from only four percent, and they could be totally wrong. They could just be looking at the tail of the elephant and imagining the elephant looks like a giraffe, or something just as different.

In other words, much of this quantum mechanical astrophysics is philosophy and metaphysics. Thus, the ontology of the people doing the research determines what they’re looking for – their conclusions and their opinions – based on very flimsy evidence.

One hundred years ago, this wouldn’t matter so much, because people still had a real ontology and understood the hope and substance of faith. Now, it matters, because it’s convinced susceptible youths to adopt as fact flimsy arguments that are nothing more than a rationale for a particular metaphysical viewpoint that’s atheistic. Christians need to be bold enough, informed enough and astute enough to expose the emperor’s new clothes, because the only way society can move forward into more civilization and less barbarism is to understand the truth of Jesus Christ, who was the Word in the beginning who created all things and without whom nothing was created. Once you understand the Good News of that truth, you can be set free and have a more abundant life as Jesus tells us in John 10:10.