Prayer Alert: Christian Comedian Bone Hampton Battles Heart Failure

Photo from Bone Hampton’s Instagram

Prayer Alert: Christian Comedian Bone Hampton Battles Heart Failure

By Movieguide® Staff

Family-friendly comedian and outspoken Christian Bone Hampton called on family, friends, and fans for prayers as he battles kidney and congestive heart failure.

The former AMERICA’S GOT TALENT contestant launched a GoFundMe page that described Hampton as being in the “fight of his life.”

“He goes by so many titles — Christian comedian, actor, friend, son, adviser, confidante — but the most important title of all is dad,” the page reads.

“He is experiencing the fight of his life, and he needs our financial support,” the GoFundMe reads. “Because of the pandemic, opportunities to work in the entertainment industry disappeared. But during the summer of 2021, doors began to open, and life on the road seemed to be returning to normalcy. Unfortunately, another unexpected setback has beset him. He is experiencing congestive heart failure, as massive amounts of fluid are surrounding his lungs and heart, causing his kidneys to shut down.”

Due to his health battles, Hampton was forced to undergo rehabilitation which kept him away from comedy.

Despite the dire circumstance, Hampton is focused on trusting God.

“Despite obstacles, his family and friends are confident in God’s healing power, and we look forward to the day when Bone is restored to full health,” the announcement reads. “But he needs more than just our prayers and well wishes. His doctors have already informed and even ordered him to remain off the stage indefinitely, pending significant improvement in his heart and kidney function. This will be a long journey back to health, but we can help ease the worry and anxiety that result from the inability to work and provide.”

Faith plays a significant role not only in his family but also in his career.

“What I hear as a comedian is Jesus saying, ‘Uh, Daddy, … I know I signed up for this. I know we agreed that I’m going to come down here, live a little bit and then get up on this cross and get crucified. I know. I know! I’m not trying to backtrack, but I’m saying, if you have a Plan B, let me know about that right now. Otherwise, I’m good,'” he told the Alabama Baptist in 2020.

“You have to test what you think is right against, first of all, the word of God,” he added. “When I’m on stage, I have power. I can control the mood of the room. [I] want everybody to leave feeling better than they did before they came in.”

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