Sadie Robertson Huff: ‘I’m Fit For The Life God Has Me To Live’

Photo from Sadie Robertson Huff’s Instagram

Sadie Robertson Huff: ‘I’m Fit For The Life God Has Me To Live’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Sadie Robertson Huff is encouraging fans to embrace the hard work that comes from trying to make lifestyle changes. 

“I want to share this bc I want to show that some things take time and hard work,” Huff captioned a mirror selfie of herself in workout clothes. “Actually, most things do if you want to see significant impact!”

Huff then opened up about her physical routine since welcoming daughter Honey James last year. Often, mothers face a pressure to “bounce back” after they have their children and return to their pre-baby bodies.

“We have a culture where we get to see the outcome of things, but rarely the process,” Huff wrote. “It can make it seem like everything is just supposed to happen to you when you look around at peoples Insta pages. And if it doesn’t come naturally to you, it can make you feel like something is wrong with you. 

“Let me affirm you friend, there is nothing wrong with you!!! The truth is that there is a story behind every post, and a different angel behind every one that is shown.”

Huff discussed her own initial hesitance to make working out a part of her everyday routine, giving excuses about time management when it was really because she found going to the gym “intimidating.”

“Finally, I decided I would just commit to going to a cross fit style gym 2 days a week early in the morning, and the rest of the days I’ll just be active by being a mom, going on walks, or playing tennis,” Huff said. “And that’s what I’m still doing!! I didn’t see an immediate change but over time i have! I’m still not the ‘super into fitness girl’ hitting it 5 days a week and making epic protein smoothies but I’m fit for the life God has me to live! And I’m thankful for that!” she continued.

“I think we, as a culture, tend to desire the things that take hard work, but don’t want to actually dedicate the time to see the reward of it!” Huff concluded. “Things take dedication, commitment, and intentionally. Those words aren’t ‘fun’ but they do lead to the fun stuff. Start it and stick with it friends! You’ll be proud you did!”

Huff has been open about her body image struggles in the past, which were amplified by her fitness routines.



Movieguide® has previously reported on Huff’s inspiring and encouraging messages to fans, particularly about body image issues:

Author and outspoken Christian Sadie Robertson Huff recently opened up about a childhood spent in the public spotlight during her time on DUCK DYNASTY.

“Being on camera, in general, can definitely make you be pretty nitpicky on what your body looks like because you see yourself on camera so much and people comment on your body so much that you’re hyper-aware of what it looks like,” Huff told Yahoo Life.

However, it wasn’t until her run on DANCING WITH THE STARS in 2014 that she began to struggle with body image and how people perceived her online.

“My body just whipped into shape very fast. Everyone started noticing that my body looked good, I guess, and commenting on that,” she said. “I think that that happens to a lot of people. I think when people make comments on people like, ‘You’re in incredible shape’ or ‘You look so good,’ they mean it out of good intention. But sometimes if you’re not in a healthy spot, you can take that as a pressure to maintain it.”

“It led me down some very unhealthy patterns when it came to what I ate, what I thought about my body,” she added.

Huff realized she was failing to listen to what she preached to her thousands of followers.

“During this time I helped lead others into victory over their battles – but little did they know, I was staying behind on the battlefield,” her blog post read.

In her times of struggle, Huff said that she fell back on her faith and her identity in Christ.

“Whenever I was struggling with an eating disorder, I leaned on the words that Jesus says that actually I am loved and that I’m not too far gone,” she told Yahoo Life, “and not only can I forgive other people but I can forgive myself and move on.”

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