So Cute: Sadie Robertson Huff’s 9-Month-Old Daughter Raises Her Hands in Praise at Church

Photo from Sadie Robertson Huff’s Instagram

So Cute: Sadie Robertson Huff’s 9-Month-Old Daughter Raises Her Hands in Praise at Church

By Movieguide® Staff

Sadie Robertson Huff recently shared a video of her new daughter, Honey, raising her hands in Church during worship.

“I watched her as she watched every hand go up around her as people raised their hands in a posture of pouring out their heart to God,” Huff wrote on Instagram. “I could see the curiosity in her eyes.”

Huff said that Honey’s imitation of those around her brought her “overwhelming joy.”

“So, as I watched, I shifted her over to my hip and I raised my hand and Christian raised his and then with the fullest confidence Honeys hand shot up on the air! And from that point on this girl worshipped. Hand up and legs kicking. By the end she even had both hands up,” she added.

Huff called the moment an example of God’s goodness and encouraged Christians to praise God with a sincere heart.

“Sometimes it can feel intimating to worship. I can seem confusing even, when you look around at a world so troubled and you see people with hands lifted high trusting in God,” she admitted. “It can feel awkward to surrender and express yourself in such a way that gives glory to a king you can’t even see.”

“But when you experience a glimpse of the goodness of God you can’t help but express yourself in such a way that reflects your hearts gratitude,” she continued. “You don’t care about what other people think. You worship because despite how troubled the world is, this king is your HOPE. And for that hope, my hands will be lifted high.”

Huff also quoted 1 Timothy 2:8, which reads: “Therefore I want the men everywhere to pray, lifting up holy hands without anger or disputing.”

Huff shares her 9-month-old daughter with her husband, Christian.

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