Sony Announces New UNCHARTED Themed Park Ride In Barcelona


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Sony Announces New UNCHARTED Themed Park Ride In Barcelona

By Movieguide® Contributor

Sony plans to capitalize on the success of UNCHARTED with a new rollercoaster in Barcelona’s PortAventura World, based on the movie and video game. 

According to Variety, the ride will “reveal dark and unexplored territories during an exhilarating expedition,” and will feature “a journey of unexpected events in a totally immersive experience in search of the great treasure.” 

UNCHARTED, which hit theaters in 2021, enjoyed massive success with moviegoers. Movieguide® previously reported:

UNCHARTED led the weekend box office, proving that people are still showing up to theaters, even amid COVID-19 worries.

“This speaks to the health of the market and shouldn’t be overlooked. The marketplace can sustain more than one overperformer,” Erik Lomis, head of United Artists Releasing, said.

UNCHARTED, starring Tom Holland, made $51 million over four days.

This box office bounty is due to creative marketing strategies implemented by Sony and UAR, Deadline reported.

For example, Sony spent close to $20 million on TV spots and partnered with Hyundai for a commercial starring Holland.

In addition to extensive marketing, moviegoers also flocked to UNCHARTED for its moral messages and Christian and patriotic elements.

UNCHARTED features a strong Christian worldview and puts the main character’s respect for human life and pro-life attitude on full display.

A portion of Movieguide®’s review reads:

UNCHARTED tells an exciting, terrific story. This big adventure will thrill moviegoers looking for a fun time at the movie theater. Also, UNCHARTED has a Christian worldview. For example, Nate has a strong respect for human life, and his pro-life attitude eventually rubs off on Sully giving the movie a redemptive premise. Also, UNCHARTED has Christian references and symbols, including a positive statement of Christian faith in one scene. However, Nate and Sully must steal a golden artifact from a ruthless Spaniard at an auction house to find the gold, and the movie contains excessive foul language. MOVIEGUIDE® advises strong caution.