Summer Box Office 2019 Proves Pro-Family, Pro-Marriage, Pro-Purpose Movies Succeed

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Summer Box Office 2019 Proves Pro-Family, Pro-Marriage, Pro-Purpose Movies Succeed

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

So far this summer, Disney’s ALADDIN, TOY STORY 4 and THE LION KING (2019) earned their fair share of revenue on their respective opening weekends at the box office; and, the summer isn’t over yet!

Summer blockbusters are oftentimes the highlight of many moviegoers’ activities. I can remember growing up, trying to escape the heat of the season by meeting up with my pals to go inside a cold movie theater and relax. That’s why I love seeing these reboots of my childhood favorites.

Yet, more impressive than the income from these delightful movies is the messages contained within the script.

The average movie aficionado will be familiar with these classic characters. Aladdin and Jasmine, Woody and Buzz, and Simba and Nala woo crowds with the fun nods to previous movies but also garner acute similarities worth mentioning.

As I look at all three movies collectively, I notice a common thread. Do you?

Family. Marriage. Purpose.

Aladdin’s only family is a monkey, but he so longs to belong and feel cherished, something he ultimately accomplishes only after he learns the value of being a pillar of honesty in his community.

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The cowboy toy Woody experiences similar frustrations as he’s deemed a “lost toy” searching for purpose. Like Aladdin, Woody learns that feelings of loneliness and misplaced are rather the valleys that make us appreciate the highs of life when we are loyal to our friends no matter what.

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The lion cub Simba only learns to fulfill his role as king of Pride Rock after he recognizes that responsibility is a privilege that few can handle effectively. Through the encouragement of Nala, his childhood friend-turned-wife, Simba rejects the idea that life is meaningless. He then embraces his calling and leads with authority and compassion.

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