Terry Crews to Star as a Police Officer in New CBS Comedy

Terry Crews to Star as a Police Officer in New CBS Comedy

By Movieguide® Contributor

Movieguide® Awards host Terry Crews is slated to star in CBS’ upcoming comedy pilot based on the comic strip “JumpStart.”

Variety reports that the show “follows Joe (Crews), a cop, his wife Marcy, a nurse, and Joe’s partner Crunchy. Joe and Marcy are young, hip, urban parents with old school values who are willing to sacrifice for their kids and have some laughs while doing it!”

Crews’ character, Joe, is “a devoted husband, son, father, and Philadelphia police officer. He is also a proud Black man and often feels pressured to be flawless in each of his roles, especially in light of controversies surrounding cops.”

“He is a charming and exuberant role model in his community. Joe loves his wife and family, but does come up short in hilarious and endearing ways that keep audiences cheering for him,” the description continues.

“JumpStart,” the comic that the show is based on, has been running since 1989, and there have been plans to create a TV version since at least 2014 when Kapital announced plans to produce a live-action version with 20th Century Fox. This current version of the show first began development at CBS in June 2022.

The show brings Crews back to a police officer role—a part he played for all eight seasons of the NBC comedy BROOKLYN NINE-NINE as Sgt. Terry Jeffords.

The pilot was written by Wayne Conley (THE BEST MAN), and he will produce the show alongside Crews, Aaron Kaplan, Melanie Frankel, Bridget McMeel and Wendi Trilling. Robb Armstrong, creator of “Jumpstart,” will also be involved in production as a co-executive producer.

Movieguide® previously reported on Crews:

While on the red carpet ahead of the 30th Movieguide® Awards, this year’s host Terry Crews talked about the power of having a praying wife and the importance of recognizing honorable work in Hollywood. 

“[My wife] is a praying woman,” Crews said, “she has prayed us through so many things, and one thing I know is to have a woman like that who really wants the best for you… it’s absolutely the best feeling in the world.”

Terry Crews often speaks fondly about his wife, explaining that she holds him to a high standard and leads him to become a better person. This was especially true when she helped him overcome a porn addiction that he had kept secret from her for nearly 20 years.

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