Terry Crews Shows Gratitude For ‘Praying’ Wife and the Importance of the Annual Movieguide® Awards

Terry Crews Shows Gratitude For ‘Praying’ Wife and the Importance of the Annual Movieguide® Awards

By Movieguide® Contributor


While on the red carpet ahead of the 30th Movieguide® Awards, this year’s host Terry Crews talked about the power of having a praying wife and the importance of recognizing honorable work in Hollywood. 

“[My wife] is a praying woman,” Crews said, “she has prayed us through so many things, and one thing I know is to have a woman like that who really wants the best for you… it’s absolutely the best feeling in the world.”

Terry Crews often speaks fondly about his wife, explaining that she holds him to a high standard and leads him to become a better person. This was especially true when she helped him overcome a porn addiction that he had kept secret from her for nearly 20 years.

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Rebecca Crews, Terry’s wife, was unable to accompany him to this year’s awards as she has in the past, even saying the prayer last time Terry hosted in 2018. Rebecca had a fashion show the next day, keeping her from coming. 

Crews went on to speak about the significance of the Movieguide® awards highlighting God-honoring works in the film industry. 

“Hollywood gets a bad rap… there are a lot of Christians in Hollywood,” Crews said, “there are a lot of praying people in Hollywood, a lot of God-fearing people in Hollywood. We just don’t always get an award show, and here it is!” 

“That’s why I knew it would be perfect for me to host this show,” Crews continued, “I just feel the blessing, I feel all the good energy here tonight, and it’s wonderful.” 

This year’s Movieguide® awards will be televised Feb 26 on UPtv. 

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