Thank God, There’s No Such Thing as Privacy

Thank God, There’s No Such Thing as Privacy

By David Outten, Contributing Writer

Netflix knows everything you have watched on Netflix. Google knows everything you’ve searched for on Google. Amazon knows everything you even considered purchasing on Amazon. For all we know, the federal government knows everything you’ve ever done on a computer. But even so, God knows every thought you’ve ever had. He knows the thoughts you haven’t even had yet.

God created you to be a choosing machine. You constantly choose what to do and say. God knows your thought processes. If you choose to watch some really trashy television show, God doesn’t just know you watched it, He knows why you watched it. He knows more about you than you do. Nothing you do in your life is a secret.

Now, here’s the Good News. It’s called the Gospel. God wants to help you do better. He’s prepared to forgive and forget every dirty little secret (or massive public blunder), and transform you into someone with a heart that hungers for good.

Transformation is a process. The moment someone accepts Jesus Christ as Lord, they do not walk the earth as an exact replica of Jesus. There remain thousands of choices to make every day, and you are unlikely to get them all right. God not only knows about every choice, but He knows what resulted in that choice.

Media consumption is a very important choice. Media influences. What you consume can become a contributing factor to very major choices. Anna Bright chose to binge watch 13 Reasons Why on Netflix and two weeks later chose to commit suicide like the lead character in the series. In Alabama, Devin Moore chose to murder three policemen like he had been doing for months in his video game Grand Theft Auto. Many thousands of church-going men destroy their marriages choosing to look at pornography.

Not everyone who sees 13 Reasons will commit suicide. Not everyone who plays Grand Theft Auto will go kill some policeman. Not everyone who sees pornography will destroy their marriage, but media choices do make a difference to everyone.

Life is a journey watched by God. If you accept Jesus as Lord, you receive as your counselor and advisor the Holy Spirit. He delights in guiding you toward what’s the very best for you, but He does not remove your choice. Thousands of times every day you can act in accordance with His guidance or in opposition to it. When you do what’s right, God is pleased. When you don’t, He’s disappointed, but He’s still ready to help you in the next choice you face. Bad choices can have negative consequences.

Obedience strengthens a relationship to God. Disobedience weakens it. Frequent disobedience can dull the senses that enable you to hear the Holy Spirit. Media choices are among the most important ones you make in this regard. If you eat some junk food, it will make its way through the body. If you consume junk media, it gets recorded in your mind. There is a great deal of media today that mocks or criticizes the wisdom of God. A regular media battering can diminish faith. It’s been known to have a profound impact on teenagers. Sometimes that impact is deadly.

The good news remains that God sees what you’re choosing, He knows why you chose it, and He always seeks to redeem. This is actually a reason to be thankful. If you ever reach a point of despair, you can know that God knows every choice you’ve ever made, He knows why you made every choice, and He loves you and wants to help you make good choices. There is no nasty corner of life where He does not see you and love you. Even if you know you’ve made horrible “secret” choices they are not secret to Him, yet He still loves you. Reach out to Him.

If you’re just bored and want something to entertain you, let the Holy Spirit help you find something.

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