THE BRADY BUNCH’s Eve Plumb Reunites With Longtime Friend Mindy Cohn

Photo from Eve Plumb’s Instagram

THE BRADY BUNCH’s Eve Plumb Reunites With Longtime Friend Mindy Cohn

By Movieguide® Staff

Former THE BRADY BUNCH star Eve Plumb recently reunited with her longtime friend and fellow actress, Mindy Cohn.

According to an Instagram post by Plumb, the pair met for lunch in New York City.

“Yay! I got to have lunch with pal @MindyCohn today!” Plumb, 64, wrote. “I love it when she visits NYC.”

Cohn, best known for THE FACTS OF LIFE, responded beneath the post: “darling i love you but give me Park Avenue,” quoting the theme song from the 1965–71 sitcom Green Acres.

Despite their friendship and respective series, the two actresses have yet to appear on screen together.

Movieguide® previously noted that THE BRADY BUNCH’s family-first values helped create a timeless sitcom that continues to hold a special place in fans’ hearts today:

Though THE BRADY BUNCH only aired for five seasons, the sitcom’s stars say it still has a lasting impact in their hearts and for their fans.

“So, it was sometimes awkward and sometimes fun, but I’ve always enjoyed people watching the show,” Barry Williams, who played Greg, said in a recent interview.

As each of the Brady children grew up on screen, so did the actors and actresses off screen.

“There were a lot of changes,” he said. “You could hear the voice changing, you could see the hair changing, you could see the growth spurts going on with all of us.”

Despite navigating adolescence while filming, Williams said he is thankful for the time on the show.

“We maintain our relationships, we’ve seen all the major events of our lives together: marriages, children sometimes marriages that split. Now our children are graduating,” he said. “We’ve always had a Brady family together. I’m fortunate that I’ve been able to diversify and do different things.”

Susan Olsen, who starred alongside Williams as his sister, Cindy Brady, noted that she disliked being on the show but loved her fellow actors and crew.

“I never thought I would say this because when I was younger I was very rebellious and I really hated the fact that I was in such a wholesome show with American values and family values. But guess what – now I’m so proud of that,” Olsen, 59, said.

“I say in order to have immortality, you have to have a soul and the soul is love. And I think that the love that was shown on the show, it was genuine between all of us cast members and I think people pick up on that,” she added, referencing the show’s lasting impact on audiences years after airing.

Williams agreed, “[THE BRADY BUNCH] has always been very much constant and certainly because it’s never been off the air, people have made that connection and it’s very solid. So that’s mostly what I get recognized from and that’s fine by me, I feel like I have a nice relationship… A multi-generational relation with so many different people.”

THE BRADY BUNCH aired for five seasons on ABC from 1969 to 1974.