The Fate of Lori Loughlin’s Character on WHEN CALLS THE HEART is Revealed

The Fate of Lori Loughlin’s Character on WHEN CALLS THE HEART is Revealed

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

“Hearties” and Lori Loughlin fans alike were sad to hear of the actresses alleged involvement in the recent college cheating scandal earlier in March. What would that mean for the beloved Hallmark series WHEN CALL THE HEART? Well, the pulsing question was answered on Sunday night’s episode after the series went on hiatus so the writers and producers could adjust the storyline.

Loughlin’s character Abigail Stanton had a reasonably tasteful exit from the series. In the episode, Erin Krakow’s character Elizabeth revealed via letter that Abigail traveled east to take care of her sickly mother, taking her adopted son with her. Elizabeth’s dialogue reads, “It’s been a week since Abigail got word that her mother had taken ill back east. True to her nature, Abigail wasted no time in rushing off to care for her.” Concluding, she noted her emotions towards her absence, “Abigail is much more than a friend, she’s family. I will miss her and Cody deeply — we all will, but we must get by as best we can. In her absence, we must soldier on and we will. We are a community, we are strong, we are Hope Valley.”

After news about Loughlin came to light months ago, Hallmark quickly cut ties with the actress. Currently, Lori Loughlin and her husband have pleaded “not guilty” to their charges.

Actor Jack Wagner shared his excitement about the coming episodes on Instagram.

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