Transformation by God’s Grace

Transformation by God’s Grace

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

Having taught and lectured on Cognitive Development Theory and Media Literacy from a Christian perspective ever since I was Director of the Television Center at City University of New York in the late 1970s, I have seen tremendous transformation of many lives in the Entertainment Industry and among the movie-going public.

Along with 60 famous professors, I helped to develop the first Literacy Media course. I’ve trained thousands and spoken to thousands throughout the world: including, the British Parliament, the Norwegian Parliament, the European Parliament, the Russian Duma, and much more.

Movieguide® in fact does theology and Cognitive Development Media Literacy for teenagers. We now reach 36 million. Our YouTube is in the millions, and 90% are young male teenagers. The 90% of the teenagers who go to our YouTube are real people who are asking for help now.

We’ve had incredible successes: Muslims have come to Christ, secular Hollywood folks have come to Christ, and much more.

One specific example is a teenager who came to the HOW TO SUCCEED IN HOLLYWOOD (WITHOUT LOSING YOUR SOUL) workshop, whose sister had just turned into a boy, and now he thought he should turn into a girl. He said that our discussions were the first time someone spoke insightfully to him, so much that he rejected the sex change. Another young man moved from being confused about worldview and sexual orientation to finding abundant life in Jesus Christ.

This all started in the 1970s when I taught a group of teenagers in New York how to make movies at a local New York church. They all came to Christ, and one became a pastor.

Then, the same thing happened in India when I taught at the Bombay Communications Institute. All but one of the students came to know Jesus Christ. One led over 60 people to Jesus Christ. Another churched over 20,000 people. Another became the programmer for the only Indian TV network at that time. He programmed 50% Christian movies and TV in the broadcast schedule. Eventually, the biggest pop singer in India came to Christ through the Bombay Communications Institute which soon became an affiliate of our ministry.

I think the most rewarding aspect is lives changed, marriages renewed and children becoming more committed to the Christian faith than I ever could have imagined.

The process of doing this is learning how to speak to the heart instead of the head, just as Jesus did with His parables. I teach this to others throughout the world and would love to help anybody who wants to see radical transformation.

The good news is that God has been faithful. Almost every week a movie is coming out that we worked on the script or helped with production or presented a Kairos Prize.

Studios work with us constantly. Sixty-four percent of movies in theaters last year had positive Christian uplifting content.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, one third of parents in America trust Movieguide.

We are willing and able to help others see similar transformations.

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