Why Kirsten Dunst Raises Her Kids in a Screen-Free Household

Photo from Kirsten Dunst’s Instagram

Why Kirsten Dunst Raises Her Kids in a Screen-Free Household

By Movieguide® Contributor

Actress Kirsten Dunst is one of many parents who have declared their homes a screen-free zone. 

“We’re just not a ‘Siri, play whatever’ household. Our kids don’t have iPads either,” she said in an interview with Variety. “If they want to use an iPad on the plane, it’s Dad’s iPad.”

Dunst added, “And we’re not phone-at-restaurant kind of people. I’m not raising a kid that can’t have conversations at the table.”

Dunst shares two sons—Ennis, 6, and James, 3—with husband Jesse Plemmons. 

“It’s so, so wild and wonderful to see our eldest son with [James], you know. It’s hard to put into words, other than just like very, very cheesy words,” Plemmons said of his sons’ bond. “But it’s so beautiful, and he’s been so understanding, with us dividing our attention. He had a few little slip-ups, but that’s to be expected, you know? And yeah, our little guy—or little, very big guy.”

Dunst keeps her sons off of her social media pages but occasionally posts pictures that don’t show their faces. One photo shows James holding a Spider-Man umbrella. 

“Has No Clue His Mom Was MJ,” she captioned the shot, referencing her role in the popular SPIDER-MAN movies. 

The actress has also spoken about the possibility of her sons joining the entertainment industry. 

“Listen, if they want to be actors, I’ll support my children whatever they want to do,” she said

Dunst and Plemmons aren’t the only Hollywood parents keeping their kids away from social media. Movieguide® previously reported:

Dax Shepard recently shared the reasons why he and wife Kristen Bell don’t allow their daughters to have any screens, from cell phones to iPads. 

While many families are trying to figure out how to regulate screen time,  “We don’t have a phone problem ’cause they’re not in the mix,” Shepard explained. “And iPods aren’t, iPads aren’t in the mix and video games.”

He shares two daughters with Bell — Lincoln, 9, and Delta, 7. 

He continued, “So there’s three things in my house that are not happening — those things. And they complain about it all the time: ‘So-and-so’s got it.’ And I go, ‘Yeah, but you gotta swimming pool and you got a dirt bike.’”

Shepard explained that he and Bell want their daughters to know that the “world is enormous” and don’t want it to “reduce it to a seven-inch screen.”