Will America Idolize Homosexuality?

By David Outten

For eight years AMERICAN IDOL has been one of the most popular programs on television. Last year it attracted enough Christian viewers to give clean-cut Kris Allen what appeared to be an upset victory over the very talented, openly homosexual Adam Lambert.

This year AMERICAN IDOL has replaced judge Paula Abdul with the famed lesbian celebrity Ellen Degeneres.


Like President Obama declaring June 2009 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month this choice is intended to send a message: “Homosexuality is normal and acceptable.”

The path to legal gay marriage is paved by the social acceptance of homosexuality. The largest voting block holding up progress (in the minds of those who want gay marriage) is Christians.

If gay marriage is to become acceptable to more Americans voters it will be because popular programs, like AMERICAN IDOL, present homosexuals as ordinary folks. Ellen Degeneres is about as non-threatening an image as you can present. When you see Ellen you don’t think about 500,000 Americans dying of AIDS. You don’t think about what homosexuals do to contract the disease. You don’t think about how many partners the average gay has in a year. You think, “She looks normal. Everyone knows she’s gay. Maybe gays are just normal people.”

Many people who read this article will think, “He must be a hate-filled homophobe.” Far from it. I consider the 500,000 Americans who’ve died from AIDS a horrible tragedy. Ian Charlston, the actor who so wonderfully played the Christian missionary Eric Liddell in one of my favorite movies, CHARIOTS OF FIRE, died of AIDS when he was only 40. I wish he was alive today to play in a sequel that tells the story of Eric’s missionary work in China. I respect homosexuals as human beings. I pray for them, not against them.

Many people sincerely believe they were born with desires to engage in behavior God has called abominable. They were.

We were all born selfish sinners with evil desires – some different than others. Were it not for our training we would all grow up pursuing self-gratification (whatever direction our desires take us). Instead, we are taught to share. We are taught to be patient. We are taught to be responsible, courteous and respectful. We are taught right from wrong.

I believe the world would be a far better place if we learned what is right and what is wrong from the one who made us – God. But more is required than just instruction. You can teach children right and wrong based on God’s laws, but you will not know the full will of God for your life or escape the pull of sin without repentance and the forgiveness of sin made possible through Jesus Christ.

When you really make Jesus Christ Lord of your life you hunger and thirst for righteousness, not just for yourself, but for others as well. You feel compassion for those you see as living in bondage to sin. You see homosexuals as people trapped in self-denying and self-destructive behavior. You see them as either blind to the truth that would set them free, or boldly rebellious. Many live with a sense of guilt they have a hard time dealing with.

The solution is repentance and forgiveness – not a media campaign to convince Christians that homosexuality is morally acceptable.

The people who produce AMERICAN IDOL want you to vote for AMERICAN IDOL with your television remote and later they hope you’ll vote at the ballot box for gay marriage.

Let’s be honest. The reason homosexuals are adamant in their pursuit of gay marriage is more than just a desire for legally binding relationships between same-gender couples. They hate being looked at as immoral. Marriage is a stamp of moral legitimacy. There may come a day when gays can marry in any state in the United States. This will not bring complete satisfaction.

The problem gays have is that they want a clean conscience while engaging in a lifestyle God has condemned. Legalizing gay marriage may give them the kind of thrill you get when your favorite team wins a championship. The thrill would be over a political victory. But, as long as there’s someone out there who looks as them and says, “God considers your behavior immoral,” they will be uncomfortable.

Christians do not define righteousness with their votes. If AMERICAN IDOL’s ratings go up, and America votes for gay marriage, homosexuality will not become moral. God determined what’s moral long ago. We would be wise to vote accordingly with our remotes and our votes.

If Christians are offended by Adam Lambert shoving another man’s face into his crotch at the American Music Awards they are free to change the channel. If they believe God designed marriage as a sacred institution joining a man and a woman then they have the right to vote their beliefs in a voting booth.

In my household my wife and my mother-in-law have watched almost every episode of AMERICAN IDOL. This year they plan to vote for something else. My wife and her mother are not filled with hate or rage. They simply want to cast their vote for what they appreciate – righteousness. I’m proud of them.


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