Willie And Korie Robertson Step Further Into Faith-Based Entertainment

Photo from Korie Robertson’s Instagram

Willie And Korie Robertson Step Further Into Faith-Based Entertainment

By Movieguide® Contributor

DUCK DYNASTY stars Willie and Korie Robertson found a new way to spread the gospel — through a musical!

Willie recently shared with Faithwire that he was working on a book about his faith and was feeling stuck. Then, he received a text message.

“I get a text from the director of this musical, HIS STORY, and I didn’t know anything about it,” he explained. “And it was one of the songs, and I was just blown away.”

He continued, “It was like I was hearing God saying, ‘There’s other ways to get the Gospel out.’ [I] told Korie about it, and I was hoping she shared in my enthusiasm.”​​

Korie was also moved by the music they heard, and the couple soon signed on to be producers of the musical. They are always on the lookout for more ways to spread their Christian faith through entertainment projects. 

“We realized, ‘Entertainment is really shaping our culture for good or for bad,’” Korie explained. “We just saw the impact of DUCK DYNASTY and how people would come up with tears in their eyes and say, ‘Because of your show, our family is going to church now’ or ‘Because of your show, we pray together as a family’ — ‘Your show has saved our marriage.’”

She added, “We need more believers. We’re called to be the light of the world. For some reason, a lot of times Christians are kind of scared of Hollywood.”

“We just decided we can either sit and complain about all the negativity that we see, or we could try to offer light and better solutions and other entertainment,” Willie added. “Which, I think [that’s what] DUCK DYNASTY was … At the time, it was a little light amongst a lot of darkness.”

HIS STORY is currently being performed at The Broadway Tent at Grandscape in The Colony, Texas. The musical is described as a “contemporary pop musical based on the life of Jesus.”

Movieguide® previously reported on the production of HIS STORY:

After seven years in the making, singer-songwriter Anna Miriam Brown announced the debut of her musical, HIS STORY: THE MUSICAL.

After a mission trip to Africa as a 16-year-old, Anna heard the Broadway musical HAMILTON for the first time.

Shortly after, Anna began to write songs for a musical that tells the story of Jesus in a unique, vibrant and multi-genre style.

After the release of her studio album in 2019, HIS STORY: THE MUSICAL will hit the live stage in May, 2023.

Two-time Tony Award nominated director Jeff Calhoun Tony Award nominated producer Bruce Lazarus directed the project, with DUCK DYNASTY’s Willie and Korie Robertson as producers.

Korie recently told Movieguide® how excited her and her husband were to support Anna’s project after watching a workshop version of the musical.

“It was just this beautiful, creative, artistic way of showing Jesus and his disciples and the life he lived,” she said. “All these things that you read about the Bible just came to life, even just on an iPhone, just imagining what that’s gonna look like on the stage really brought us to tears.”

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