Content: -1 Discretion advised for older children.
Air Date:12/07/2015

What You Need To Know:

Episode Seven of SUPERGIRL, titled “Human for a Day,” shows an earthquake striking National City. After fighting the powerful robot Red Tornado in the last episode, Supergirl has temporarily lost her powers, preventing her from saving the city from the earthquake. After talking with Jimmy Olson about trying to be a hero without superpowers, she talks an armed robber out of stealing or shooting anyone. Meanwhile, Supergirl’s boss at the media company where she works gives an inspiring speech to the city’s panicked citizens. She tells them to have faith and “heed our better angels.”

“Human for a Day” is one of the best, most morally uplifting, most touching SUPERGIRL episodes so far. It teaches the idea that everyone needs to have courage and be heroic. Also, the speech by Supergirl’s boss emphasizes that the citizens need to “heed our better angels” in every situation. Sacrifice, service and doing the right thing are three other virtues the episode promotes. “Human for a Day” has some intense action violence and a couple scary looking aliens. So, caution is advised for even older children.


(BBB, C, O, L, VV, M) Very strong moral worldview with some Christian, redemptive elements includes good conquering evil, sacrifice, doing the right thing, Supergirl’s boss asks city to “have faith,” “heed our better angels” and be heroic like Supergirl, people become too dependent on Supergirl, people risk their lives for others, and alien can read people’s minds and influence their actions through mental telepathy; two light profanities; intense action violence includes agents being punched, thrown and kicked, people fall, gunfire, woman falls and breaks her arm, earthquake strikes city, explosion; no sex; no nudity; no alcohol; no smoking or drugs; and, man hides truth from co-worker, another man spreads fear and a young man announces he’s going to get an apartment to live in with his girlfriend.


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