Ted’s Inbox – May 30, 2012


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Dear Ted,

Good morning Ted. I’m Jim West’s brother in law. My wife and I visited you many years ago. Lili was struggling with her health

even then. Your pleas for prayer for Lili over the years have been a wonderful example to many, many people of the love of

a faithful husband who never, never gives up but keeps bringing the love of his life before the Lord. What a wonderful

example of agape love. I shall continue to bring Lily to the Lord.

I’m a mission worker and have been traveling to Russia 18 times over eight years. I work with orphans and students. I used

to produce the “700 Club” and my background has been in communcations. God has given you “an open door” and this is

a wonderful answer to prayer. I thought you might enjoy checking out our website. (orphansdream.org) I’ve just written

a book on the orphans of Russia/Africa. The plight of orphans is heart breaking. Using the media wisely is likely the most

important thing we can do in Russia. Russia has a terrible self image and has lost it’s “godly heritage.”  They need to

rediscover it once again.

God bless you dear brother. You are truly a faithful servant of the Lord.

Your brother in Jesus,

Don Hawkinson

Dear Ted

I saw an article in Charisma on you and I want to congratulate you for your pro-family efforts. I will translate this article to make it available in Portuguese.

Julio Severo

Disney Cancels ‘GCB’ Amid Christian Outcry


Dear Ted:

It was so nice to meet you and your lovely family last week at Pepperdine.  I love your positive approach to educating the film industry about what sells to audiences.

I am enjoying serving on the Advisory Board for the Social Entrepreneurship and Change program.  Margaret has done a terrific job.  Your participation in the Distinguished Speaker Series a great contribution to the lecture series.

Thank you for giving me a copy of your book.  I am looking forward to reading it.

Warmest regards,


Dear Ted

In 1994, you received from us a letter about our baby daughter Olivia – a little preemie who survived a harrowing birth after five months’ gestation.  Now, 18 years later, please join us in celebrating Olivia’s emergence into young womanhood.

We recognize that you may not be able to attend the ceremony in person.  However, please join us at least in spirit to commemorate Olivia’s triumph over adversity to become the lovely young lady she is today.

We owe you and your ministry a debt of gratitude for work that has allowed babies like Olivia to survive – and to grow up in a world where human life and human spirit is sacred.

Thank you again for your important work.

In His service,

Hugh & Kaye Martin


What an honor it was to meet you, your sweet wife, your beautiful daughter and impressive son!  What an amazing family!  Thanks so much for waiting for us to finally arrive!  We appreciate every minute you spent with us! Ben is so excited and is going to take you up on your offer to intern and any other opportunities he gets to participate in any of your events/projects!

I am so enjoying reading your book!  So grateful to you for being on the front lines for so long!  Because you do everything with excellence you are standing before kings (and dinosaurs)!  I believe all Christians need to be excellent and better than the rest in all we do and you are a great example of that!

Oh, and we LOVED the restaurant you recommended on the beach!  Those were the best fish tacos we have ever eaten!

God bless you and yours on your trip!

With appreciation,

Nise’ Davies

Praise God!

We face such challenges these days –the bitterness and anger

of some like the fellow we were concerned about in that case,…

other “notable figures” in our midst who say they’ve  “evolved”

into a Sodom mindset (even if it’s mainly to secure the votes of

a certain element of their followers), educators, law enforcement,

and others who willingly  “look the other way” as  Christians are

mistreated in numerous ways,…..

In the midst of all this –and so much more,  THANK YOU for

hanging in there and fighting a very worthy fight for righteousness,


Here for you,

Bill & Sherry Ellison

Columbus,  Ga.

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