Jennifer Garner Encourages Followers to Engage in Random Acts Of Kindness

Photo from Jennifer Garner’s Instagram

Jennifer Garner Encourages Followers to Engage in Random Acts Of Kindness

By Movieguide® Contributor

Jennifer Garner is sharing a simple way we can all give to those in need. 

The actress recently posted a video to Instagram showing how easy it is to fill Zip-loc bags with items to serve the homeless. 

“Random act of kindness: gather these essentials in a quart sized ziploc bag and keep them in your car to give away when you see someone in need. Inspired by my kind friend, @whitneyformt,” she captioned the video. 

“A pair of thick socks. Kleenex. Hand wipes. Disposable toothbrushes. Chapstick. A couple of granola bars. I forgot this time, but like to add feminine hygiene products, too. Add $5, $10, $20 and a smile,” the actress finished. 

Garner is no stranger to carrying out random acts of kindness. The actress recently posted another video to Instagram where she paid for the people behind her in line at a Starbucks and gave the employees a big tip. 

“Coffee is always a worthwhile little act of kindness,” she captioned the video. 

Garner also baked and delivered cookies to the LAC+USC Medical Center back in January, showing support for the Department of Emergency Medicine staff. 

The actress also gives back through her baby food line, Once Upon a Farm. The brand recently launched its “A Million Meals” initiative, where they will work to provide 1 million meals to kids in need by 2024. 

“Once Upon a Farm is small, but we wanted to really show that we are serious about making this impact and A Million [Meals] is a daunting, audacious goal, but why not? So that’s what we’re going with,” Garner told People.