Mike Rowe On Rising Gas, Food Prices In America: ‘The Average Person Has Now Gotten The Memo’

Photo from Mike Rowe’s Instagram

Mike Rowe On Rising Gas, Food Prices In America: ‘The Average Person Has Now Gotten The Memo’

By Movieguide® Staff

Mike Rowe, of DIRTY JOBS fame, addressed high gas prices and the connection to other markets for American consumers, like food.

In an interview on FOX & FRIENDS, Rowe said that a more tangible indicator of the state of America’s economy for Americans is the price of food.

“The guys I know in this business… a guy said to me the other day, ‘It’s like falling down the stairs in slow motion. We know it’s coming, we’re watching it happen. It’s happening in real time,'” Rowe said.

“It’s not just diesel, it’s not just gasoline. If you bring it back to food, tonight’s episode is all about beef production in this country, and it’s an eye-opener, but you have to talk about fertilizer too,” Rowe explained. “There’s no food without fertilizer in this country.

“The cost of fertilizer is hundreds percent higher than it was. When you combine that with the cost of energy, the average person has now really gotten the memo,” he continued. “But not from the gas pump, from a restaurant, a steak. The cost of the steak is almost 2x what it was six or seven months ago.”

Rowe, an advocate for blue-collar jobs, is candid about his political views.

Movieguide® previously reported:

Mike Rowe is famous for his roles in DIRTY JOBS and SOMEBODY’S GOTTA DO IT, highlighting the grit and grime of everyday, blue-collar workers in America.

In his newest show, Rowe takes on the role of narrator in Fox’s HOW AMERICA WORKS.

“I’m the narrator and EP of a new show for Fox Business called How America Works, which premiers Monday 9/20 at 8pm,” Rowe announced on Instagram. It lives up to its title. Each episode provides an honest look at ten critical industries that keep America on its feet, through the eyes of the people who do the work.”

“I’ve been doing the same basic show now for twenty years,” Rowe told Fox News in a recent broadcast. “When you flick the switch and the light comes on… when you flush the toilet and it all goes away, you either say, ‘wow that was miraculous,’ or you don’t care. But you care a lot when it doesn’t work,” Rowe said with a grin.

“This show on Fox is called HOW AMERICA WORKS, which is great, because so far this morning, you flick around the dial you see how America doesn’t work, you see what’s broken,” he added.

“The country either appreciates the miracle of this kind of work, or we don’t. If we don’t, we got problems,” Rowe concluded.