MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 3 Begins Filming in Greece


MY BIG FAT WEDDING 3 Begins Filming in Greece

By Movieguide® Contributor

MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 3 has officially started filming.

Writer and star Nia Vardalos announced the beginning of production in an Instagram post, writing, “Thank you to Playtone, Gold Circle, HBO and Focus! And much love and gratitude to you all for your support as we waited to film. Greece baby. Greece!”

The video she posted shows Vardalos in what looks like a hotel room as she fills fans in on the upcoming movie. 

“I have an announcement,” the actress started. “We are in Greece, filming MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 3, and thank you so much for the lovely messages and just waiting and everything.”

“I’m in a lovely room, getting ready to go film,” she continued. “We’re filming in the beautiful Plaka of Athens.” 

Vardalos then revealed that, not only is she writing and starring in the movie, but she’s directing it as well. 

The original MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING was selected as one of Movieguide®’s Best Movies for Mature Audiences of 2002.

Movieguide®’s review of MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING reads:

MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING is a big fat independent movie that’s a celebration of one woman’s ethnic heritage. At 30, frumpy Toula Portokalos still lives with her parents and works at her father’s Greek restaurant in Chicago’s Greek section. After spying a handsome college teacher, Ian, at the restaurant, Toula decides she needs a makeover. She meets Ian again, and the two secretly begin a romantic relationship. This upsets her traditional-minded father, who thinks Toula should marry a Greek man and have Greek babies. The rest of the story tells how Toula and Ian manage to soften her father’s heart and incorporate Ian into Toula’s family, including the family’s Greek Orthodox faith.

Although it is clear that Toula and Ian are not super-religious, MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING is a warm-hearted, often amusing celebration of Toula’s family heritage, including its Greek Orthodox Christian background. There is even a baptism scene where Ian gets baptized. MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING also contains, however, a moderate amount of mostly light foul language, a short sequence of implied pre-marital sex and the stereotypical drinking of an alcoholic drink brought over to America by Greek immigrants.