10 Christian Movies Currently Streaming on Netflix


10 Christian Movies Currently Streaming on Netflix

Netflix has become a great resource for staying in and watching a good movie! But did you know that there are even many good CHRISTIAN movies ready to stream on Netflix? Check them out while they last…


1. THE LETTERS. +4 Content, *** Quality.

THE LETTERS tells the story of Mother Teresa and her incredible mission and ministry from the viewpoint of the letters she wrote her spiritual advisor, wherein she confessed her doubts and her feeling of… READ MORE.


2. 23 BLAST. -1 Content, **** Quality.

23 BLAST is a very well made, touching true story about a high school football player with incredible courage, determination and faith. Ever since… READ MORE.

3. CHRISTIAN MINGLE. +4 Content, *** Quality.

CHRISTIAN MINGLE is a funny, laugh-out-loud, satirical movie revolving around conversion and love.
The movie opens with Gwyneth going on another blind date and losing… READ MORE.


4. THE ROBE. +4 Content, **** Quality.

THE ROBE, the first movie released in CinemaScope, is a Biblical epic focusing on the Roman tribune put in charge of carrying out the crucifixion of Jesus. This powerful story is similar to that of Paul who… READ MORE.

5. UNCONDITIONAL. -1 Content. *** Quality.

UNCONDITIONAL is a compelling, positive Christian drama. It will make you laugh and cry.
Samantha Crawford is living the life she always dreamed. She writes and illustrates children storybooks, she lives on a… READ MORE.


6. THE FATHER’S LOVE. -1 Content, *** Quality.

THE FATHER’S LOVE is about Sarah, an aspiring filmmaker who’s enjoying the New York City lifestyle as a single woman. She regularly dates more than one man at a time, sometimes even in the same day, but Sarah’s best friend Tricia warns her… READ MORE.


7. THE PRINCE OF EGYPT. +4 Content, **** Quality.

I laughed; I cried; and, I was inspired! THE PRINCE OF EGYPT takes animated movies to a new level of entertainment. Magnificent art, music, story, and realization combine to… READ MORE.


8. SON OF GOD. +4 Content, **** Quality.

SON OF GOD is a captivating theatrical version of the Jesus portion of the History Channel’s THE BIBLE miniseries produced by Roma Downey of TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL and her husband Mark Burnett, executive… READ MORE.


9. RAISING IZZIE. +3 Content. *** Quality.

RAISING IZZIE is a tenderhearted story of two young girls who find a home with a childless couple. This TV movie contains some great acting and strong Christian/biblical content. It’s appropriate for most… READ MORE.

10. LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE. +4 Content, *** Quality.

LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE dramatically tells an important story and ends on a spiritual, heart-rending, patriotic, life-changing note…. READ MORE.