2 Things Christians Can Learn from Clavius’ Pursuit Of Jesus in the Movie RISEN


2 Things Christians Can Learn from Clavius’ Pursuit Of Jesus in the Movie RISEN

By Aubrianna Giselle, Contributing Writer

RISEN, released earlier this month, is a beautifully crafted movie about Jesus, but is seen through the eyes of Clavius, a Roman military tribune that is tasked with the investigation of finding Jesus’ body, three days after His crucifixion. His search for the real truth takes him on a journey that forever changes his life and leads him to the one and only Truth.

1) Before Clavius even knows of Jesus’ existence in the world, God begins to pursue his heart and starts to show him through little ways that He is there. In the very same way, God did that with us while we were still in the dark world of sin. He seeks us out and will show Himself to those who search back. Clavius’ relentless and persistent search for Jesus is at first rooted in a selfish and lost heart, but eventually blossoms into a new and flourishing creation. He sought out Christ in such a manner that we, followers of the risen King, should be doing daily.

It is truly amazing how time and time again, God uses the ones that we least expect to do some of the greatest work for His kingdom. That should give us hope for the ones we deem hopeless, especially in Clavius’ case. God presented Himself, through His son Jesus, and captured Calvius’ curious heart. The God we serve is a God of miracles and working with the least of these to reach the whole world of His great love and mercy.

2) There is a point in Clavius’ search for the truth that his heart begins to change as well as his way of thinking, actions and even outward appearance. He begins to imitate the disciples, who are in turn imitating Jesus. This is a perfect picture of 1 Corinthians 11:1, when the Apostle Paul tells the church of Corinth to “follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” It is impossible to be around Jesus and the people who follow Him and not begin to subconsciously act and think like them. God’s love and peace is overwhelming and contagious to all who really experience it.

One of the sweetest moments of this movie was when Clavius was able to present his biggest concerns and doubts of the resurrection to Jesus. Instead of just pushing his questions aside, Jesus takes the opportunity to listen and show that He cares and is open to Clavius’ doubts. He demonstrates such love and affection towards him and even shows him that He knows the true desires of his heart. In the same way, God knows each of us so deeply and intimately and is always there, with open arms, to answer any questions we may have.

The movie ends with Clavius taking off his ring, the last thing tying him to the Roman life that he had always known, and choosing to follow Jesus. Plain and simple, God is worth leaving everything else behind, and Clavius finally understood that. He said, “I believe, and can never be the same.” God’s ministry is powerful and is changing lives every day, and we will never be the same from it.

For those whose lives have been changed by Jesus like Clavius in RISEN, we should remember to pursue the Lord always and acknowledge the evidence of his works in the world, and this should result in our desire to imitate and follow Him.

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