3 Ways Churches Can Impact Mothers

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3 Ways Churches Can Impact Mothers

By Movieguide® Contributor 

A recent Barna research study found how having a church community benefits mothers and how churches frequently “underserve” them.

“Mothers are central to the faith formation of young people,” Barna wrote. “They are leaders in their households and communities. And they exert considerable influence on decisions related to generosity and church giving.”  

“Congregations and organizations have much to gain if they intentionally represent, empower and partner with mothers. Yet new Barna data reveals that moms are notably underserved by the Church,” the research group continued. 

The report, called “Motherhood Today,” found three ways churches benefit mothers when they recognize their needs.

Mothers “experience a deeper sense of connection.”  When a church serves and understands its mothers well, this helps moms form deeper and more meaningful relationships. 

They have “greater confidence in their motherhood,” and mothers find a sense of self-assurance when they feel their churches value and appreciate them. 

As churches commit to supporting moms, they “are more likely to continually stay involved in church.” After having kids, many moms reduce the time they commit to church. However, when a mother feels supported by her church, she is more likely to stay involved even after having a child. 

The Chrism Press reported, “The church can support mothers with young families through its teachings on the importance of mutual respect, understanding, and communication within relationships.”

“In a healthy family, both parents share in the joys and responsibilities of parenting,” the outlet continued. “This type of relationship requires open and honest communication as well as a willingness to be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances.”

“The church can provide resources and support for mothers and families to develop healthy, fulfilling relationships, including marriage preparation and enrichment programs and parenting classes,” it concluded. 

Barna explained what caring for mothers should look like for churches: 

“Mothers who attend churches where leadership understands their unique needs say this means the leadership respects mothers (95%), accepts and welcomes single mothers (92%), equips mothers to share their faith with others (89%), is willing to hear about mothers’ needs (88%) and celebrates mothers (86%).”

Mothers are vital to their children’s faith journeys and should be cared for, valued and supported by their churches so they can equip their kids and help their faith flourish. 

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