‘A True Miracle’: Dr. Oz Saves Man’s Life at Newark Airport

Photo from Dr. Oz’s Instagram

‘A True Miracle’: Dr. Oz Saves Man’s Life at Newark Airport

By Movieguide® Staff

Famed talk show host and cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz jumped into action on March 1 when he helped save a man’s life.

Dr. Oz performed CPR on a 60-year-old man at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. Oz and officers from the Port Authority Police Department helped revive the man.

Dr. Oz recalled the recent story on “Good Morning America.”

“I saw this gentleman had face planted basically with a pool of blood under his head where he smacked onto the ground. I ran over, I couldn’t get a pulse, which is the first thing you check for. He wasn’t responsive,” Dr. Oz recalled.

At that point, Dr. Oz said he noticed that the man’s face was “purple — the color of an eggplant.”

He quickly began to do CPR as nearby Port Authority officers also “rushed” to the man’s aid.

“It’s that soul-zapping moment where you realize you’re losing a life so I started doing CPR, which is my training,” Oz said.

Oz continued to explain the importance of CPR to viewers: “If the heart’s not beating you’ve got to beat for it, which is what the chest compressions do. 100 times a minute, push down at least 2 inches, simple message, everyone whose hearing my voice right now can learn how to do that today.”

Oz also described how the man was foaming at the mouth and how he had to “use a piece of plastic to push his tongue down and push air into his lungs.” Shortly after, they hooked the collapsed man up to a defibrillator.

“In case you’re intimidated by this, it’s not difficult because all you’ve got to do is listen to the machine. It orders you what to do. It diagnosed his heart had stopped… It told us to step away, and Robin, you’ve seen those movies where your patient gets shocked and jerk off the ground. That’s exactly what happened,” Oz said. “Unfortunately, usually the heart doesn’t start again, it’s too sick. In this case, like the movies, his heart started. You get goosebumps just seeing this happen,” Oz said.

The TV doctor called the experience a “miracle” and said the man became alert in the time it took to get to the ambulance.

“He knew he had been at Newark airport, didn’t remember the fall at all. It is a true miracle with the odds heavily against him but those wonderful cops who again had no direct experience but they had taken classes, they did their homework, and they showed up,” Oz said. “They ran towards the problem when there was a need so God bless them.”