Atheist TikTok User Turns to Jesus After Watching Christian Content

Photo by Kon Karampelas via Unsplash

Atheist TikTok User Turns to Jesus After Watching Christian Content

By Cooper Dowd, Staff Writer

Although there is questionable content on the social media platform TikTok, some of the Christian content led to the newest viral video of a woman who talked about turning away from atheism and following Christ.  

The user, called “Inkydoeshair” on the app, posted an emotional video asking the TikTok community for help because she felt confused about her abrupt switch from atheism to wanting to learn about God.  

“Now I’m really confused because all I see are videos about God and Jesus, and I actually prayed the other night, and I don’t know why,” she explained. “I guess I need help because I just don’t know where to start. I just don’t get how, if you guys claim He loves me so much, I don’t understand why I have denied Him so many times.”

The video went viral and racked up hundreds of thousands of views. Many people offered their encouragement and support of her questions about faith in her video.  

The woman, who identifies as Felicia on her profile, is a mother of one.  She is candid about the process of denouncing her old life and accepting her new one and thanked the people who reached out and gave her the confidence to ask questions about her new faith.  She confessed that she has “done so many bad things” and “doesn’t know where to start” with a life living for Jesus.  

In several follow-up posts, the new believer wrestled with the idea of being a “hypocrite” because of how quickly she went from being assured there was no God to following God.  Although discouraged, in another post, she said that something that helped her mindset was coming across 2 Timothy 4:18, which reads, “Yes, the Lord will deliver me from every evil attack and will bring me safely into His heavenly Kingdom.”

Felicia revealed that she went to church as a kid but fell away from the faith. She added that although her old videos have profanity in them, she wants to keep them as a reminder of how she changed and to hold her “accountable.” 

“I can see where I was when I felt lost, and you can see it in those videos, and now you can see where I am now,” she said. “I never want to go back to feeling lost again. And I’m not deleting them because, hopefully, there’s somebody out there who, if they feel lost or if they feel like nobody can relate or understand, they know that someone else felt the same way.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Kanye West’s push for a Christian TikTok to be made: 

“A vision just came to me… Jesus Tok,” West said in a Tweet. “I was watching TikTok with my daughter and as a Christian father I was disturbed by a lot of the content but I completely loved the technology.”

In 2017, Tik Tok made its debut under the company ByteDance. The app quickly became the most popular video-sharing app among social media users, with over 500 million users.  

Although West is pushing for the censoring of inappropriate content on the app, he recognizes and loves the technology TikTok offers as a social media platform.   

“We pray we can collaborate with TikTok to make a Christian monitored version that feels safe for young children and the world, in Jesus name, amen,” West continued in his Tweet.  

TikTok is not unaware of the risk that content on its platform poses to younger audiences. After being named on the National Center for Sexual Exploitation’s annual Dirty Dozen List, TikTok announced new modes available to parents in the U.S. and U.K. to help protect children.