BBC Criticized Again for Left-Wing Bias


This is not the first time the British Broadcasting Corporation has been denounced for its largely left-wing viewpoints, but in an article published by Breitbart London, the BBC is taking it even further.

BBC Three (which, like the PBS-TV in the United States, is run by the government) recently aired a panel discussion show entitled “Free Speech,” but many critics are complaining that the panel is biased because it only had left-wing contributors. The panelists included:

Mehdi Hasan, who currently works for the Huffington Post UK, and has been criticized for describing Non-Muslims (especially atheists) as “people of no intelligence” and comparing them to “cattle.”

Baroness Susan Kramer, a member of the Liberal Democrat party in the House of Lords.

Heydon Prowse, a comedian who often uses his sway to make political statements, including a plea through Twitter to “follow the Egyptian model and ban the Tory brotherhood [the Tory Party is Britain’s leading conservative party] from running in the next election.”

Paris Lees, a self-identified “transgender” person focused on political activism, who was recently quoted, saying, “Get [the Conservative Party] out in 2015!”

Shazia Awan, an ex-Tory candidate who has departed from the Conservative party and is now “politically undecided.”

One member of Parliament from the Tory Party, Aidan Burley, commented, “This is another classic example of BBC bias. They say ‘Free Speech’ is about teaching young people about politics; with this panel they are bottle-feeding them left-wing propaganda.”

While BBC’s liberal views are hardly a new trend, complaints continue to rise as people advocate for removal of such heavily liberal and biased output, especially considering that the BBC is paid for by taxpayer monies.

– Source:  Breitbart London, 03/12/14.

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