Did You Bite the Worm in the Apple?

Did You Bite the Worm in the Apple?

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

At MOVIEGDUIE®, we’ve been Apple fans for many, many years. We produce our television programs on Mac, we edit our designs on Mac, we write on Mac, we call on Apple products. And, what has impressed us throughout the years is Apple customer service.

Recently, however, we ran into a problem when we took Apple up on a $200 rebate on my iPhone 6s to upgrade to an iPhone Xr. Apple decided to use a third-party named Phobio to check my iPhone 6S. Our staff did everything we could do to prepare it for shipping. It was working perfectly. It never had a problem. Then, we got back that Phobio said it wasn’t working. They sent back the 6S completely fried.

There are several possibilities:

1) somehow, the phone got damaged in transport, which is very unlikely;

2) that this offer was a bait and switch; and,

3) that Phobio was skimming and destroyed the phone.

Now, having worked as an L.S. assistant in the US Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York in the Securities Fraud department, it’s easy to recognize mendacity and fraudulence.

Since we want to continue being an Apple office, we recommend Apple either takes back these support activities from Phobio or that Apple does a complete check up on Phobio.

Whatever they do, they should get the worm out of the Apple, so we can continue to recommend and use Apple products.

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