How God Aligned Tim and Demi Tebow’s Life Purpose

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How God Aligned Tim and Demi Tebow’s Life Purpose

By Movieguide® Contributor

Demi Tebow explained how her experiences growing up prepared her for the worldwide impact she now has through her husband, Tim Tebow’s, foundation.

When Tebow was 11 years old, her younger sister was born. While she looked like a normal baby, she had a rare birth defect which caused her brain to stop developing at three months old. For the rest of her life, she lived at this brain capacity, causing major stress on her parents’ finances.

“It taught me a lot of times people want to support and they want to help, but they have no idea what to do, so they rather do nothing,” Tebow told The Church of Eleven 22. “That included our church, that included our friends, that included my parents’ Bible study group…people stop reaching out.”

“And I really want to believe it’s because people genuinely didn’t know how to handle that situation,” she continued. “I think that was one situation in my life that made me realize, you know, even if it’s not perfect, even if you can’t donate a million dollars, even if you can’t start your own foundation, at least just be willing to be interruptible, to be there for somebody else in need.”

This lesson is at the core of the work she does now through the Tim Tebow Foundation which works to fight for dignity for the most vulnerable people in the world. While the foundation has multiple initiatives, its two largest are its work to combat human trafficking, which has led to multiple operations and the creation of safehouses worldwide; the other is its Night To Shine event which honors those living with special needs.

Tebow is thankful that her mission in life to fight for those who are vulnerable lined up with Tim because that, in her mind, is what made them compatible.

“It’s really not about what we had in common, but it’s what we had in purpose, you know. It’s pretty cool to see how our lives and our purpose and our mission was aligned long before we ever even met and that’s something that I’m so grateful for because you can learn the go and play pickleball together, you can learn to, you know, watch football together, you can learn to do fun things together, you can learn to, you know, enjoy each other’s interests but it’s hard to learn what each other’s mission and heart is,” Tebow said.

While she is thankful for the platform that being Miss Universe gave her, Tebow is also so thankful to now be doing something that has an eternal impact, rather than something for her own glory.

“We’re very honored to be able to serve over 80 countries up to date,” she said. “That takes a lot of responsibility and a lot of willingness and it’s not always easy but it’s so worth it.”

She explores her story more in depth in her new memoir A Crown That Lasts.

“When we root our identity in temporary things, that can be dangerous,” she told PEOPLE. “And I have walked that path where I got to the point where something that I worked so hard for for such a long time got taken back and I was left with that feeling of, ‘What is next? What is my purpose? What is my identity even rooted in?’ And so that is where A Crown That Lasts comes from.”

Movieguide® previously reported:

Demi Tebow recently sat down with Sadie Robertson Huff on the “Whoa That’s Good Podcast” to discuss the importance of finding your identity in Christ.

Tebow, former Miss Universe winner and wife of NFL star Tim Tebow, has firsthand experience with what it’s like to put your identity in temporary things.

“I think this message really comes from thinking that I knew who I was, but I totally rooted my identity in something that was absolutely temporary,” she explained. “The night I handed over my crown as Miss Universe to the very rightful next winner, I left that stage, got in the car rushed to the airport to catch my flight back to South Africa, and I realized I forgot something on that stage.”

“And it wasn’t just that beautiful pearly diamond crown, sparkly crown, but I realized later on…I had forgotten the most important thing [which] was my identity,” she described.

Tebow explained how the value that the crown gave her was only temporary, and once it was gone, she struggled with its absence.

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