Jonathan Roumie Thankful THE CHOSEN Can Reach Wider Audience on The CW

Photo from Jonathon Roumie’s Instagram

Jonathan Roumie Thankful THE CHOSEN Can Reach Wider Audience on The CW

By Movieguide® Contributor

Jonathan Roumie celebrated THE CHOSEN reaching an even wider audience as it starts its run on The CW. 

“I’ve felt (and said) from the beginning that @thechosentvseries would likely see major indications of secular media crossover between the 3rd and 4th seasons and this is proof of that,” Roumie wrote on Instagram. 

“When you’re committed to excellence in artistry, there’s room for all kinds of stories to be told and audiences to be served, especially the ones which reflect the undeniable #Truth that Christ brought into this world,” he continued. 

“Beyond humbled for my gifts, the experience of this series and the commensurate responsibility inherent within it…” Roumie added. “God is great… And he loves you. Give it all to Him and He’ll give it right back to you.” 

Shortly after Lionsgate acquired the distribution rights to the show, the CW announced that they would be begin airing season 1-3 of the series. Starting with the first episode of season one -which aired last Sunday –, the channel will release a “new” episode every Sunday night ending with finale of season three on Christmas Eve. 

“The CW has always been bold and unique, which is perfect for us,” show creator Dallas Jenkins told The Hollywood Reporter when the CW deal was first announced. “Plus, Brad Schwartz made it clear a while ago he loves and respects THE CHOSEN, so we know it’ll be in great hands.” 

In its first week on broadcast, THE CHOSEN had a strong showing, bringing in 520,000 viewers, a number that eclipses other popular CW shows such as NANCY DREW (400,000 average viewers) and RIVERDALE (200,000 average viewers). 

THE CHOSEN’S run on the CW allows viewers a fun way to rewatch the series as they wait for the release of season 4 sometime next year. 

Movieguide® previously reported: 

The hit series THE CHOSEN will be broadcasting on live TV for the first time, beginning Sunday, July 16, at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.  

THE CHOSEN is the first multi-season series about Jesus, portraying Jesus’ life and ministry as well the disciple’s stories. The CW will broadcast all three seasons.    

President of the CW Network, Brad Schwartz, shared, “The Chosen is based on the biggest IP of all time and is truly a one-of-a-kind series that tells this historically significant story in a captivating, dramatic and premium way. This show has already connected deeply with viewers around the world, and The CW will expand its audience even further.” 

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