Kanye West’s New Song Is About The Holy Spirit’s Power

Screenshot via YouTube

Kanye West’s New Song Is About The Holy Spirit’s Power

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

Kanye West’s new single, “Wash Us In The Blood,” is all about the power of the Holy Spirit.

The chorus reads, “Rain down on us (Huh)/ Holy Spirit, come down (Ooh)/ Holy Spirit, come down (Ah)/ We need You now/ Wash us in the blood (Ooh)/ Whole life bein’ thugs (Ah)/ No choice, sellin’ drugs (God)/ Genocide what it does/ Slavery what it does.”

Rapper Travis Scott, 28, joins West, 43, on the new three-minute track. In March 2020, Scott’s manager confirmed that Scott and West were working together on West’s property in Wyoming.

The pair knew each other prior to working on the new song, as Scott shares a daughter with West’s sister-in-law, Kylie Jenner.

In one portion of the song, Scott utters, “Thou shall not kill,” which comes straight from the book of Exodus.

Reportedly, the song is the first drop for West’s next album, “God’s Country.”

Last week, West’s sister-in-law Kourtney Kardashian posted a photo with the caption, “God’s country,” which could be a teaser for the upcoming album.

“Wash Us In The Blood” also has an accompanying music video that unfortunately contains some graphic content, including riots, violence and provocative dancing, in addition to other disturbing content.

Vulture noted, “The ‘Wash Us in the Blood’ clip reimagines [West’s previous music video] Love Is the Message for the summer of coronavirus, splicing archival Kanye footage with scenes of people dancing, fighting, protesting, worshipping, and struggling to breathe. The song and the video are compelling together, even if both artists are recycling ideas they’ve already perfected elsewhere.”

On YouTube, the music video does have a content warning considering some visuals of violence. At the end of the video, West zooms in on his daughter, North, as he says, “wash us in the blood.”

West could be using the graphic footage to indicate how desperate our country is for the Holy Spirit to intervene.

While the video for “Wash Us in The Blood” is not appropriate for families, the song lyrics are. It is powerful to see West continue to make good on his promise to remove profanity from his music and create content that points listeners back to Christ.