Kevin Sorbo’s MIRACLE IN EAST TEXAS Focuses on ‘What Families Want’

Kevin Sorbo’s MIRACLE IN EAST TEXAS Focuses on ‘What Families Want’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Kevin Sorbo’s latest movie, MIRACLE IN EAST TEXAS, is “a message to the big studios” about what viewers want. 

“This is one of those rare films that combines comedy, drama, a little romance, and real-life events and we have been thrilled with the film festival awards we have already received,” Sorbo said of the movie. “As independent filmmakers we understand and continue to create trusted entertainment for the entire family. This is a message to the big studios on what families really want.”

The actor told The Stream that he was drawn to the script’s humor as well as the fact that it was based on a true story. 

“I was laughing at the characters,” Sorbo said. “The true story behind it all was amazing to me!”

A synopsis of the movie reads:

“Based on actual accounts, this is the tale of two aging con-men at the dawn of the Great Depression and the biggest oil strike in the history of the world. Times are hard, when the unluckiest wildcatter in the world, Dad Everett (John Ratzenberger) teams up with Doc Boyd (Kevin Sorbo), a charming snake oil salesman. Together they convince several new widows (Sam Sorbo, Paula Boudreau, and others) to invest in their worthless oil wells. Then, the unthinkable happens! Our two Casanovas face a challenge: declare another dry hole for a clean escape, or bring the well in like genuine oil men, and likely spend the rest of their lives in jail? Meanwhile, some of their angry investors (Tyler Mane) are fixing to do something about their scheming. This mostly true story will make you laugh, shed a tear, and give you pride in the God-Blessed American way.”

Sorbo shared that he hopes audiences “laugh” and “enjoy the fact” that MIRACLE IN EAST TEXAS is based on real-life events. 

“I think people are getting tired of all these visual effects movies,” he explained. “Action is fine, but — I mean, this thing won ten film festivals, everything from Best Family Movie, Best Faith-Based Movie, Best Romantic Comedy…they couldn’t really label it as one thing, which I love.”

His wife, Sam Sorbo, added, “What we really want people to take away is hope. That’s the message that we’re trying to spread: a little bit of joy, a little bit of fun, and a little bit of hope.”

A portion of Movieguide®’s review of MIRACLE IN EAST TEXAS reads:

MIRACLE IN EAST TEXAS starts off slowly because it begins with a flashback and a summary of the two con men’s early lives. Also, their turn to crime doesn’t endear their story to viewers. However, once they get to East Texas, the story picks up. Some of the plot twists are pretty hilarious. A poignant subplot raises the stakes when it’s revealed the two men have actually fallen in love with two of their female victims. Kevin Sorbo (who also directs) and John Ratzenberger as the two con men are delightful. All this leads to a wonderful, inspiring, evangelical ending that culminates in a wonderful church scene and a great courtroom scene that resolves the plot conflicts. The ending in MIRACLE IN EAST TEXAS is funny, emotional and redemptive.

MIRACLE IN EAST TEXAS will be released in theaters by Fathom Events October 29-30.

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