Making Minions — DESPICABLE ME 2

Making Minions- DESPICABLE ME 2

By Evy Baehr, Managing Editor

Movieguide® had the opportunity to hear from the writers of DESPICABLE ME 2, Ken Daurio and Cinco Paul. Daurio and Paul put in some wonderful content in the first DESPICABLE ME, with the little girls praying before they went to bed. In the same vein, DESPICABLE ME 2 shows a man truly transformed by love. Take a look at what the directors have to say.  

Q: Everybody loves the minions. They are great all the time. How do you know how much to include them in the movie?

PAUL: Possibly we have never pushed it far enough to know but I think we decided 47 percent was the right percentage, so you guys can quote us on that, its very mathematical…

Daurio: Yes, because everybody loves the minions.

Q: do you draw from some of your own experience as parents?

PAUL: Absolutely, ken has three kids I have three kids and the first movie was basically the story of our lives… I think every man is kind of a villain until he then has kids, and then they soften us up.

Daurio: But its also how am I going to rule the world with these three little monsters always around me, always asking me to pour juice?…we draw from everything.  

Q: Given how personal the first one was for you, what was the challenge for you to come up with another story?

DAURIO:  When we had the opportunity to start looking at a sequel we really kind of scratched our heads for a minute….we realized we have this great gift of this absolutely insane family, where the dad’s a super villain or was and now he’s adopted three little girls and they’ve got a very strange and unique kind of little group there. The idea to get to explore that type of family was really appealing to us…

PAUL: I think we did have kind of the light bulb moment when we realized well, where can we take Gru emotionally that we didn’t take him to in the first movie? Then we thought what if Gru falls in love? How is Gru going to respond? That was a big part of us realizing that there is more story to tell with Gru.

DAURIO: And Margo

PAUL: Certainly Margo. There’s a lot of romance there. Gru and Margo and even Dave the minion has some romance.

Q: Okay which one of you is the one who dressed up either as a cartoon character or a super hero for a kid’s birthday?

DAURIO:  I was a Tuscan Raider from Star Wars. I have done all those stupid things for my kids, I am not afraid to. I was the magician for one birthday party which means here I am in my garage learning magic tricks before the party. You do all these things for your kids. You’ve got to throw the ego out the door and let yourself be stupid. Let them laugh at you. I’m fine with that.

Q: Tell us about the creation of the minions.

DAURIO: You know they started of as we were outlining the story. We found moments where Gru needs minions, he needs helpers, henchmen…

PAUL: I would say it was the director. We have to give credit to the directors for this.

DAURIO: Initially we would just write dialogue for them. They (The directors) had the idea that they’ll say their lines but no one will understand them. So we came up with this whole language. They really were a creative evolution that the directors picked up on and said this is going be gold. And they were right.


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